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Every day we hear the importance of recycling. However, thousands of people have not yet become aware of why we should do it. If we think about how many people there are in the world and we calculate that on average a person throws away a 3.3 pounds of garbage daily. Each year, each person generates a little less than 2,204 pounds of garbage, not counting that a tire is disposed per person per year (in the United States). This means that each year, each person discards almost 2,204 pounds of waste and a tire.

The worrying thing is to think about what happens with all that trash if nobody takes a step forward and starts to recycle all the waste and be able to reuse the waste, achieving the reduction or elimination of thousands of landfills that not only cause more pollution, but are a risk to health.

What is a zero-waste lifestyle?

A zero waste means lead a free life of plastic bags, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles; return to the origins and forget the disposable containers and containers that always end up in the trash without any other use. This is the trend of zero waste that each person can use their waste for other activities that provide benefits such as making compost, reuse packaging and reduce waste production as much as possible.

This lifestyle tries to stop living in the throwaway world, become aware and efficiently consume the waste and try to produce as little garbage as possible. If every person in the world will begin to become more aware and to gradually eliminate their waste, the planet would have a great letup.

This movement is well known for eliminating waste at home, but if this movement can be used with other products such as tires or other products that take years to degrade and we could create a big change. At Globarkettire we focus on recycling tires, with which we create various products (such as mulch) that help different industries.

Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint and help bring the culture of zero waste to different industries to have a greater impact on society. From recycling tires you get rubber, steel and nylon rope; which we can reuse in different ways. At Globarket the products we make with tires are:

Derived fuel which is shredded material reduced in a few inches and we can make it with no fiber and some industries use it as a fuel to produce its products saving nonrenewable sources and also reducing their CO2 emissions. Another product is derivate aggregate; which is used in civil engineer projects, for filling the ground in constructions, or to get points for the leed certification which can bring some benefits to the companies.

One of our favorite products is raw rubber mulch and colorized rubber mulch; this product is used for landscaping and to improve residential gardens or some sidewalks. Besides using this product in permaculture, it is also used for thousands of gardens and recreational areas in the city. The mulch in gardens or recreational areas will help to maintain soil moisture, control the herbs, giving at the same time to a nice appearance as we sell it in different colors, as well as protection to your plants from insects and changes in temperature. Another product is colorized buffings, which is the same as rubber mulch but in a different presentation.

We also produce colorized crumb rubber that is usually used for recreational areas and playgrounds for children, where they help to inhibit the growth of animals, as well as to reduce serious accidents since the rubber is able to absorb the blows. Granulate is used for playgrounds or for other products and applications, it is just a really small size of black rubber. Finally, we have the infill material which is applied in the sport fields that uses artificial grass

The key to living a life of zero waste is to find what can be done with the waste of all the products we use, looking for products that are recyclable and reusing those that are not for other purposes. We have to start changing our way of thinking; otherwise we will end up in a world full of garbage.

Recycling can be used in all areas of our lives. Starting to recycle requires a change of mentality, where humans are not the center of the world and the Earth is the most important because is our home.

Globarket spend a big part of its time to make actions that help reduce that impact to the world, such as diverting waste from the landfill to our facility. We as a socially responsible company are concerned about air pollution, waste disposal, water pollution, global warming and other environmental problems that are affecting this planet and the way to remedy it is through making products with tires, which is one of the major waste problems that we have in lots of countries.

Tires waste is a real problem that is affecting our environment. Its manufacturing and mass wastes are turning this problem into one that must be addressed urgently. We have the service of tire recycle and tire collection in all California State in order to reduce this great matter. We invite you to know our products, you can browse our page to learn about our services and in the blog you will find information of interest about our industry. Contact us at our email or on our phones, we will be happy to help you.

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