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Plumb is a toxic metal present in small amounts naturally in the earth’s crust; and it has been exploited centuries ago by mines that have allowed its use for hundreds of years; because it is from metals that it is easier to melt. The use of plumb has varied over the years and has been widely used in plumbing, construction, paints, pigments, cables, among others.

Currently, plumb is widely used as a vulcanization accelerator. These accelerators are substances that help the vulcanization to be generated more quickly and together with other substances increase the quality of the tires; currently other organic accelerators are also used. Thousands of years ago, the Romans used plumb to fuse it with ceramics enameled with plumb and used them in their dishes. What they did not know is that when they came into contact with the wine, the plumb dissolved, causing poisoning in people known as lead poisoning.

Plumb can cause great damage in humans and this will depend on the frequency and quantity to which the person is exposed and some of the causes in which people suffer from this contamination are by working in areas contaminated by lead, being constantly exposed to the combustion of gasoline that emits gases with plumb. It is for this reason that people in large cities are more vulnerable to suffer repercussions due to high exposure to traffic. And finally, another reason is for consuming drinks or foods near places that contain lead.

Previously, gasoline and paint contained large amounts of plumb, and although it has already decreased considerably due to anti-pollution laws; it is still present in water, ceramics, jewelry or floors. In addition, the emission of lead in automobiles has also been reduced due to new technologies and various petroleum products manufacture new gasolines changing the lead for other compounds. This has led to the reduction of plumb contamination for a few decades; although this contamination still continues because it is in thousands of constructions and pipes.

Some of the consequences that plumb contamination can produce are alterations in children’s IQ, brain damage, as well as headaches and stomach pain, and can even cause damage to the nervous system and the reproductive system, especially in men. By ingesting plumb, the metal begins to distribute itself in the body and reaches the brain, liver, kidneys, and bones; unfortunately Children are the most affected because they absorb more of this metal, affecting brain development and causing death.

It is necessary to start recycling batteries since they contain plumb and other components such as mercury and cadmium, it is recommended to use gasoline without plumb, and verify that toys or other products do not contain plumb. Unfortunately, many batteries are abandoned without following the correct recycling process, causing greater contamination in the soil and water.

WHO has included plumb in a list of ten chemicals that cause the most damage to public health. Currently there are still many countries exposed to plumb contamination in paints so this organization is making various efforts to remove lead from paints and the goal by 2030 is to reduce the number of deaths and diseases caused by hazardous chemicals and pollution of air, water and soil.

Our company wants to be part of the change and we want to contribute to the efforts to reduce diseases caused by chemical products. At Globarket we are convinced that recycling is an activity that allows us to contribute something positive to humanity.  Many of the products that we use and throw daily can be recycled. For this reason we are committed to recycling scrap tires that are highly polluting products on the planet. As well as plumb, scrap tires continue to be discarded without people being aware of the great damage they do to the environment by abandoning them.

In our company we offer different products made from tires. We received many scrap tires so some of them were rescued to be sold as used tires for sale; we also offer the service of tire collection in the State with excellent quality and reasonable price, since you can get rid of your tire waste quickly and with the certainty that our trucks and staff will all work.

Also, we offer our services of tire recycling. In our facilities we have a tire recycling plant that can process scrap tires; and any people can come with an appointment and leave their tires making sure they will be recycled responsibly saving time and rescuing the planet.

In our company we also offer derived aggregate that is used for the constructions, in addition we also have colorized rubber mulch or colorized buffing which are used for landscaping to improve gardens or sidewalks. The tires have a lot of new uses where people can enjoy their benefits without polluting more our planet, just by reusing tires that are abandoned.

At Globarket, we are concerned about the environment, that´s why we became a suppliers of recycled tires for the creation of thousands of products and reduce our carbon footprint. We are constantly innovating in new products and investigating what other uses could be given to the scrap tires so that we can reach a point where there are no abandoned tires in landfills. The goal is that all discarded tires can have a new use. We invite you to browse our page and for more information about this service call us (001) 760 599 3841 or send an email to and we will gladly help you.


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