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In this post we want to talk with you about our company and share with you some of the uses and benefits of the utilizer tire derived aggregate (TDA).

At Globarkettire, our commitment is recycling scrap tires, finding new uses for these materials, promoting them in different industries so that recycling becomes a way of life in our society. Globarkettire was founded on this concern; we want to be a positive change in society. We are dedicated to tire recycling because it is one of the most difficult materials to recycle and we want to prevent tires from colonizing the world, so we are constantly working to find new uses for the tires so that they extend their useful life and do not end up in marine landfills or in the streets.

Tire derived aggregate can be used for a lot of public works and private projects that require civil engineering applications. Some of the most common uses are:

  • Lightweight construction fill

TDA is common in this case because it can decrease the weight of the fill. This happens when there are unconsolidated sediments or differential settlements. As a result, these areas require more maintenance and can be unsafe for people. The TDA can provide the solution because it is light and also helps reduce costs to the construction companies.

  • Landslide repair

This one is used when a road landslide occurs. When this happens it is necessary to put some TDA in order to make the soil more stable and then the workers can rebuild the road. As in the previous one, the TDA allows to save costs, in addition to making the work easier.

  • Landfill applications

Tire derived aggregate can be used in landfill gas collection trenches as a gravel substitute; using TDA is more economical and fulfills the functions properly.

  • Retaining wall backfill

This material is also very useful if you want to build a retaining wall backfill, this is because its properties help the construction because it filters the water, it is lighter than the earth and as a consequence helps to reduce the pressure of the fence; increasing the time of life and avoiding cracks.

  • Vibration mitigation

As we already know, rubber has insulating properties of sound and vibration. For this reason it is used in train rails to reduce the vibration caused. Although at first it may seem that it is more expensive, the reality is that the durability and low maintenance that requires makes it a better option in the long term.

Use recycled tires allow them to be used again in different constructions, civil works as aggregate or an additive in cements and asphalt; achieving a beneficial use for society. In addition, using it as an aggregate improves the properties of the soil and thus achieves that we can give a sustainable management to the tires that are no longer used.

When the construction industry used tire derived aggregate they can obtain LEED certification benefits that are given to the sustainable constructions. Having this certification brings multiple benefits such as increased asset value, energy savings and resources, reduction of operating costs and waste, have access to tax incentives. In addition, they help the environment in creating spaces with better conditions for productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

On the other hand, the TDA is very similar to tire derived fuel so we can use it in factories such as cement, paper, as well as energy that require large amounts of energy to operate. When using this type of recyclable material, companies have many advantages since tires have a higher calorific value than fossil fuels such as coal or wood.

In globarket we can eliminate steel or fiber, depending on the ovens that our clients have. The advantage of using these furnaces is that there is no smoke, odor or emissions of the tires to the environment. This is because the ashes are also used the final product so there is no waste of these tires.

This way, industries can save a great deal of money, and nature is protected because industries follow environmental regulations and reduce the emissions of CO2.  We know that together we can make positive changes in the world reducing tire waste and gas emissions. Every day the technology improves and with it the buildings, roads, homes and industries that have improved designs in order to care about their environmental impact, resulting in the creation of an energy stability, saving energy and construction materials through recycling.

At Globarkettire we offer solutions for tire recycling where we create products for gardening, landscaping, infill material, materials for sports fields, as well as for children’s games and other products like shoes. The uses we can give to the tires are hundreds so we invite you to know our products.

In addition, we have tire collection services, where we go throughout the state of California to pick up tires to prevent them from ending up in the sea or we invite you to schedule an appointment at our plant, where we have the tire recycling service.

We want to emphasize that the use of the tires in the industries has brought significant benefits, when companies respect the pertinent environmental regulations. For more information about this service call us (001) 760 599 3841 or send an email to and we will gladly help you.

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