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Transportation and tires have evolved over the years; at the beginning the most common transport was the train. People with more money could afford to use carriages or bicycles that were characterized by having wooden wheels. Later, the wheels were invented with rubber and vulcanization came to revolutionize the tire industry. The tires with rubber became popular quickly because it meant to have a more fluid and comfortable trip since the rubber allowed to cushion the bumps of the roads.

The technology of tires has increased and the research continues to create tires that improve safety, increase the period of useful life, reduce fuel consumption and change the materials with which they are manufactured by some that are more eco- friendly.

The tires are very relevant for transportation and some of its basic functions are to contain the volume of air with pressure to support the weight of the vehicle, absorbs the impacts of the road surface and thus complements the suspension. In addition, it is responsible for providing stability in the car and being the only point of contact of the car with the ground helps the traction and braking.

As already mentioned, the importance of the tires is due to the fact that they are the only point of contact between the car and the ground and they must be constantly monitored to ensure the safety of our trips. It is important to verify some features of the car to ensure it remains in good condition or if you are looking for used tires for sale you should check certain characteristics to ensure that the tire you are buying continues in good condition.

Sometimes people says that used tires for sale are of poor quality and should not be bought; however, this is not completely true, as there are tires that can be used and they will have a longer useful life. All we have to do is check some points before buying them to ensure that we will buy a tire in good condition even if it is used.

At Globarket we received a large number of tires for recycling and we turned them into great quality products for society; however, sometimes we find tires that are in good condition to offer them as used tires for sale. The tires are stored in a dry place where we can keep the tire in good condition and thus guarantee a good product. Our consultants will be very happy to help you find the ideal tire for your car and it is for this reason that we want to share with you some tips if you are looking for used tires for sale.

The first point that you must observe is the depth of the drawings in the tire because they are very important for the traction and stability of the car, the drawings help in winter and in rainy weather avoiding the car to slip and lose control. You can lose control when the drawings are worn because the rim only has contact with the water and not with the ground; the drawings allow the rim to make a channel through which the water passes and allow the tire touch the ground.

This point is very important for the safety of the passengers of the vehicles, so an indicator was created that is known as the tread wear indicator (TWI); this indicator allows car users to know what the minimum permitted levels of drawing wear are, by measuring the depth of the drawings and helping to determine when it is time to change the tires.

If you want some used tires for sale look at the tread wear indicator; this indicator is a narrow relief that crosses the longitudinal drawing of the tire. On the side of the tire you can see the letters TWI that means “Tread Wear Indicator”. If you notice that the depth of the drawing is at the same level as the indicators, the tire is no longer safe because the adherence to the road will be poor in rainy or snowy conditions, so it is not recommended to buy it.

We must remember that the tires must be purchased thinking about the conditions in which we will use it. For example, if we drive continuously on wet or snowy pavement, we must make sure that the drawings have more depth; on the other hand if we drive in a very dry place where it does not rain, you can change the tire until it reaches the indicator.

If you cannot find the Tread Wear Indicator, an easy way to know if you should change the tires or to check that a tire continues to work is to put a dime in the slot, if you can see the whole face of Lincoln, the tire is no longer safe. It is recommended that when checking the depth of the grooves make sure you check at least two points along the rim to verify that the tire wear is uniform; it is important to check the four tires periodically.

To examine the tire pattern in your car, it is recommended to park on a flat surface, set the parking brake, and turn the steering wheel at 45 ° to the right to see the surface of the tire, look for the letters TWI and check that the tread wear indicator is deeper than the grooves of the rim, check the outside, center and inside of the rim at two different points of the rim, so you will check that the wear is uniform. Perform the same procedure on all four tires.

On the other hand, it is recommended to check periodically or before taking a trip if the tires have some irregular wear, some sharp object, cracks or bumps; if the tires have any of these four you must attend with a specialist; in the case that you are looking for a used tire and have any of these four characteristics (irregular wear, bumps, cracks or some embedded object) is no longer a good purchase option. If you are looking used tires for sale Globarket is your best option.

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