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Tire labeling is a system used to classify tires and have greater safety on the road. In addition, it helps reduce fuel consumption, which brings an environmental benefit. When buying new tires or looking out for used tires for sale you must have knowledge of this labeling to make a successful purchase.

This European label is a graphic that accompanies the tires so that users can enjoy its features. The labeling of the tires applies to cars, trucks, trucks or buses; the label does not apply to recycled tires. This labeling is more known in the European market and offers security to users because it provides more knowledge about each tire.

The label was approved in 2012 and the criteria included on the label are mainly three. The first is the resistance of the tire that affects the consumption of fuel and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere; the second is the grip on wet surfaces that means the safety of the car. And the third is the noise of rolling.

Resistance refers to the force that opposes the rotation of the tire; the greater the rolling resistance is the more energy and fuel the car spends in order to function. On the label you can see the letters from A to G. Class A is the best and G is the worst one. If you choose a class A you will be saving more than 7% of fuel compared to a class G tire. By saving fuel you will also be emitting fewer amounts of CO2 particles. The letters to choose will depend on the weight of the vehicle and operation.

The grip on the wet pavement is the safety indicator and refers to the distance the tire takes to break on a wet road. It is important to verify this indicator, but we must consider that for the grip of the tire to be good we have to verify the pressure of the tire, the brakes, brake fluid and shock absorbers. For this indicator, it is used from A to F.

The noise of rolling is the noise generated in the environment when using the car and is measured to combat noise pollution, measuring this noise in decibels. The objective of this European labeling is to promote the use of tires that are quieter, safer and more efficient. It was necessary to create regulations to guarantee users that they have clear and the minimum information to make a good purchase decision.

It is very important to check the tires periodically regarding:

Pressure, because having the correct tire pressure can help extend the life of the tires as well as reduce the amount of fuel used. Sometimes people inflate the tires with nitrogen. The benefits of using nitrogen are that the pressure losses are lower. In addition, the tire explosion is avoided because nitrogen does not expand with heat and you can increase the periodicity of revision of pressure to three months.

Alignment, because it ensures that the tires are wear evenly and maximize their efficiency as well as ensure safety.

An opportunity of this label would be to place how many miles can the tire last in regular conditions so it will be easier to make a decision on which tire to buy because it has better performance. This label is really helpful because promotes tire manufacturers to produce tires of better quality. However, you can not apply all the characteristics of the tires into these labels because it will depend on the use and needs of each driver.

The distance performance could vary depending on the terrain, weather, tire pressure and the way of driving. Also, when buying a new tire or when looking for used tires for sale you should verify that it is the right tire for what you need, considering the place where you live (climate, terrain, distances, urban area) so you will know what the characteristics that you need are. If you live in an urban area you should consider the duration of the tire and the braking to avoid accidents. If you normally drive on fast roads you must prioritize the rolling resistance to consume less fuel, duration and grip on wet floor.

When you go to a store that has used tires for sale, it is very important to know its components and some information about the tire to make the best decision.
Some of the tips we can give you to buy used tires is that you donĀ“t buy them if you have not seen them physically since you need to inspect the tire to look for signs that is in good condition. We recommend you observe that there are not too many repairs on the floor of the tire and on the sides; the wheel must be even, check that there are no pumps because it means that is not safe and can burst at any time.

In Globarket, we have the service of used tires for sale, we receive lots of scrap tires and they are just a few that works for used tired market, so we sell a little amount of tires as used. We select them very carefully in order to give you a good product. In addition, the tires that are chosen to be used tires for sale are stored under suitable conditions so we can offer quality. If you are looking for used tires, in Globarket you will find the best options.


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