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The technology to recycle rubber is increasing; however, the percentage of tires available for recycling is still small. During the last years tire recycling is an activity that has taken more relevance because each year the “black pollution” (tires) has grown considerably, besides each year the amount of discarded tires continue growing.

The pollution produced by tires is real so we must create social awareness of tire recycling and not left millions of tires in the dumps or oceans for years. The big problem with tires is that many of them are burned outdoors which causes the release of toxic gases that contribute to global overheating. In addition, the remaining ashes are distributed in stockpiles or left in the same place where they were burned. This also causes that these ashes spread away and polluting air, soil and water.

On the other hand, if the tires are left in stockpiles, they promote the growth of rats, insects and other pests that are harmful to health. In addition, they produce toxic gases in their degradation, which causes the soil, subsoil and groundwater to be contaminated. In the case of being in the sea, it contaminates the sea floor, the water and prevents marine life from existing in the area where the landfill is located. In addition, discarded tires modify the ecosystem of that region.

To avoid the negative consequences that tires bring to the environment, it is necessary to recycle them responsibly. The recycling process begins by shredding the tires into large pieces and thus making the particles smaller and smaller (crumb rubber) and can be made until it looks like rubber sand, commonly known as granulate. In the recycling process we can remove the rubber or steel. Depending on the use that is going to be given is the size of rubber, as well as if it is without steel or without fiber.

Tire recycling is an expanding industry because every day you can create more and better products made from recycled tires and can use it in various industries such as construction, footwear, decoration, sports, and many others.

Some of the uses that have been given to tire recycling are in playground floors, safety tiles, children’s tire games, ridges, athletic tracks, rubberized asphalt, flooring in sports scales; it is widely used for synthetic turf, tennis courts, among others.

You can also create interior and exterior floors, paintings, decorative fillings, landscaping, gardening, in the design and manufacture of furniture such as tables, chairs, armchairs; mouse pads, pots, hoses, swings, hoses. In addition, it is widely used as derived fuel, infill material, acoustic insulation, waterproofing, and speedbumps in parking lots. And even people have started using them in soles of shoes, bags, purses, belts and so on.

Tire recycling is beginning to take relevance in the world because people have begun to be aware of the multiple advantages of using products made of this material. Some of the benefits of recycling are that it saves spaces in landfills; it prevents the spread of diseases as well as the proliferation of mosquitoes and rodents. In addition, it helps to reduce the number of toxic emissions in the environment, reduces the number of tires thrown on streets and roads, prevents them from being burned by causing more pollution and also prevents ecosystems from being modified. Finally, producers also obtain long-term gains because this type of material lasts a long time without maintenance so it is one of the best options in many products.

In Globarket we provide quality raw material to create any products you want from rubber, steel or nylon rope. Our products are:

  • Derived fuel; is shredded material reduced in a few inches and we can make it with no or fiber and some industries use it as a fuel to produce their products.
  • Derivade aggregate; which is used in civil engineer projects, for filling the ground in constructions, or to get points for the leed certification.
  • Colorized rubber mulch; is used for landscaping and to improve residential gardens, also in some neighborhood this material is in the vegetation of the sidewalks.
  • Colorized buffings; is the same as rubber mulch, we use it for the same purposes but the presentation is different.
  • Colorized crumb rubber; this is usually installed on playgrounds or recreational areas.
  • Granulate; this is without painting, and is used to the base of the playgrounds or for molded products and other applications, is just a really small size of black rubber.
  • Infill material; it is similar to granulate, only it has a bigger size of granulate. This material is applied in the sport fields that uses artificial turf, is a different process from the other granules.

Recycling is an activity that will improve our home, city, country and the world. Let us remember that with small actions in our daily life we can create significant changes. We invite you to save our planet and know more about our products and services like tire collection, tire recycling and used tires for sale.

If you want to deliver tires at our plant, we are located at 2580 Progress St Vista California, 92081, USA, contact us to schedule an appointment and have more information about this service. In addition, if you have doubts about our products or services we will be honored to serve you. Call us at (001) 760 599 3841 or write us at hello@globarkettire.com.


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