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We are very happy to have your visit again in our blog in Globarket, a company dedicated to do tire recycling. Every day, tire recycling becomes more important due to the large number of tires that exist in the world, millions of discarded tires, millions in use that will be discarded in the next few years and millions in production. The tires are one of the products that have flooded the international market, as well as nature.

Some of the benefits of recycling tires are that it saves spaces in landfills, prevents the spread of diseases as well as the proliferation of mosquitoes and rodents. In addition, it helps to reduce the number of toxic emissions in the environment, reduces the number of tires thrown on streets and roads, and prevents them from being burned outdoors. When they are burned they emit more gases that are harmful to health. Emissions from burned tires cause cancer, congenital malformations, diabetes, damage to the hormonal, immune and central nervous system, as well as lung problems, among others.

It is vital for the environment and all living beings that we begin to have more alternatives of tire recycling to create more and better products made from tires. Currently, there are many products that can be manufactured from recycling and the most common ways to use the tires after their use is in pieces of rubber, derived fuel, granular rubber or rubber floors.

The pieces of rubber are known as rubber mulch or buffings. This product is widely used in different environments and the size of the pieces can vary depending on the use that the client wants to give to the rubber. These pieces can be used in gardening, landscaping and even to create paths in parks or to care for and at the same time decorate the plants on the sidewalks. The mulch is also widely used in farming because it regulates the temperature of the plants, preventing extreme heat or intense cold annihilate the root, in addition, also helps to avoid the proliferation of insects and maintain moisture in the root of the plant.

Smaller pieces of rubber are commonly referred to as granulated. This type of recycled rubber is widely used in playgrounds because of the safety that provides to children. This is because if a child falls, the padding allows the hit not to be severe. On the other hand, if a child falls on cement, it can suffer a fracture or some other injury of greater severity. In addition, it avoids the ponding and proliferation of insects. This type of rubber can also be transformed into other types of floors for indoor or outdoor and create a lot of designs. For outdoor floors, they can be created with the appearance of grass, paving stones, and river stones, among others. On the other hand, for interior floors companies may create very sophisticated styles imitating wooden floors or different patterns.

The granulated is also widely used in repairing and creating new tires. Many of the tires made from tire recycling are tires for cars, lawnmowers, bicycles and wheelbarrows. Also, this type is widely used in carpets and shoe soles. In the construction industry tire recycling begins to have greater relevance. A very used product is the rubberized asphalt because the rubber is poured along with the asphalt this helps to increase the durability of the road. By using this material, bumps are reduced, as well as deformations in the road due to the weight of trucks and automobiles. In addition, safety is greater because this type of material avoids puddles improving the grip of cars on wet pavement. Also, this material has great resistance so maintenance costs are considerably reduced. The recycled rubber is also used as an infill material in the constructions, bricks and walls that isolate the sound can also be created. The uses of rubber in construction begin to increase considerably giving greater uses to rubber and thus avoid contaminating the sea, water, air and land.

Another use that has more relevance every day is to use tires as tire derived fuel, this helps large industries such as energy, paper, automotive, among others to reduce fuel costs. Depending on their facilities, it is the decision to buy complete tires, or rubber without metal or without fiber. This material is very useful as a fuel due to its high calorific content and creates more energy than fossil fuels such as coal. In addition, when using this type of fuel companies save fuel costs, use fewer natural resources and place the tires in sealed furnaces so that each part of the tire can be reused. This is a great way of tire recycling since companies must comply with environmental standards in charge of taking care that companies have a good management of this fuel that ensures the care of the environment.

We invite you to join this great movement of tire recycling and care for the environment and most importantly to be part of the change to create benefits in our society.  We would really like you to know our products, you can browse our page to know our services and in the blog you will be able to know information of interest about our industry. For more information, please contact us at our email or on our phones, we will be happy to help you.


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