Tire recycling and the evolution of the tire

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In this post we want to talk about the history of tires, how it has evolved over the years, understanding the great impact that tires have had on people’s lives, as well as raising awareness about the importance of tire recycling.

The wheel was invented thousands of years ago, although it is not yet possible to determine an exact date; the experts agree that in Mesopotamia, the wheel was already used  (approximately 3500 BC). However, nobody knows with certainty who was the one who invented the wheel. Thus the wheel was evolving, from stone to wood; but it was not until the XIX century that a tire made of rubber began.

At the end of the nineteen century, John Boyd Dunlop, a Scottish veterinarian, placed inflated rubber tubes on the wooden wheels of a tricycle and covered them with a tarpaulin and with this; the first wheel with rubber was created. A couple of years later, Michelin brothers created the removable tires so that the repair of the tires was easier and faster.

And with this, the competition in creating the best tire began, improving the technology and design in each model. During those years, Welch invented a tire that was fixed by braided steel wires to form a cable. Michelin not to be left behind incorporated the tires with an inner tube in a car. In 1915 the Germans began to use synthetic rubber and by the 20’s the woven fabric disappeared and was replaced by fabrics with metal cables.

Goodyear and Firestone appeared on the map and began to develop and manufacture tires; Goodyear being the number one company as a rubber producer worldwide. During this time there was not even the idea that you had to perform a tire recylcing; simply the tires that stopped working were thrown or burned whether they were from bicycles, cars or tractors.

The vulcanization was the reason that rubber could be used as a raw material which revolutionized the entire tire industry. The tire is the only point where the vehicle meets the road. During all these years (since its invention) each new model has new features that allow us to improve traction, safety and design. More than one hundred years after its creation, the tire has become a fundamental part of daily life and it would be unthinkable to live without them.

The companies continue to compete to create the best tire; the last great invention has been the run flat that allows rolling after the loss of pressure. There is still much to investigate and discover to be able to lower CO2 emissions, resistance, and durability, decrease the amount of polluting materials with which a tire is manufactured and exchange it for eco-friendly materials.

The tire came to change all transport in humanity, the trips became faster and more comfortable, allowing more and more people to travel at greater distances in less time with greater safety and comfort. The development in tire technology has been remarkable, unfortunately for decades nothing was done to promote responsible tire recycling. Part of this problem is that the damage that the tires caused to the environment was unknown. Also, there was no knowledge about the toxic gases that are emitted when burning them, this being one of the main solutions to get rid of them for many years.

The environmental awareness began many years after the creation of the first tire so many of them continue in landfills or in the ocean, which was the main place where it was decided to eliminate them with the aim of creating artificial reefs and attracting fish to the coasts. Some countries thought that this practice will promote fishing; however, it was not known that the tires would cause the opposite, preventing fish from living in that area, killing nearby plants and animals due to the gases they emit when they disintegrate.

By knowing the history of the tire, knowing the impact it has had on the history of humanity, we do not want something that has been so beneficial for social development to end up being toxic waste and that in the end it ends up killing hundreds of species, including human life. For this reason, the founders of Globarket decided that it was time to bring a positive change in society; when seeing the quantity of tires thrown in deposits they decided to change the situation of so many tires and to turn them again into something useful for the society.

We do not want millions of tires to end up in the oceans or landfills, with the risk of burning and producing more pollution and creating greater environmental problems, than the ones we already have. Sometimes, the problem does not look so serious, but when analyzing numbers, statistics and especially seeing the large amount of garbage and tires that invade our planet it is impossible not to do something. For this reason, in Globarket we want to promote the culture of tire recycling and create a positive change in society by creating tire recycling products that are beneficial for society, industries and that help to reduce the amount of gases emitted, use of oil in the creation of new tires, reduce the use of coal as energy and use as many tires as possible in various products that will reduce current pollution, taking care of the environment so that future generations can enjoy nature.


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