Tire recycling: a solution for climate change

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We know that the customs are deeply rooted and that the most difficult to change are the industries, but we are doing great actions to be able to do it and that being ecological does not represent greater long-term expenses. We offer our services of pick up services California and tire collection. After getting the tires we started with the tire recycling process and to be able to create different products such as shoes, playgrounds, speed bumps, roads and much more.

And why recycling is important? Tire recycling offers a solution to act against climate change. This is the moment to act; we cannot continue ignoring the big climatic, social and economic problems that are approaching, that´s why we need to implement new actions. It is time to act and create solutions, use recycled and ecological products to cause as little damage as possible to the Earth so the future generations will be able to know the wonderful world in which we live in.

Climate change is a big problem for us, it does not mean that they will only increase one or two degrees on the planet. This increase in temperature that we are causing will provoke great changes on Earth. The winters will be less cold, the springs will be shorter, there will be extreme temperatures, and the seasons are no longer delimited as before. All of this that we have already begun to experience is part of climate change.
In its natural state, this means in the pre-industrial era, the Earth maintained the temperature with greenhouse gases (carbon cycle) that regulate the heat of the atmosphere, with solar energy, and the heat that reflects the atmosphere into space. The balance of these three, is what maintained life on Earth; everything flowed in harmony. The problem arises when one of them is modified creating more or less heat (in this case creating more artificial greenhouse gases).

At the time of creating the factories and starting an intense production of different products around the world, starting to use cars, trucks, planes, trains; they began to emit more greenhouse gases. Also, the increase in the population has caused more pollution, methane is a gas that all living things produce, as well as the demand for products that causes the factories emit more gases and animals such as cows, chickens, pigs, among others increase to meet the demand of humans.

By creating so many gases and sending them to the atmosphere, the Earth is not able to eliminate them naturally so there is an imbalance between the factors since these gases accumulates in the atmosphere causing changes in temperature and therefore changes in the weather. As we already mentioned, not only will the temperature change, there will also be great changes on Earth that we will have to face. One of the main problems is the melting of glaciers that will reduce the amount of water for all living beings and will increase the level of the sea causing the disappearance of several cities around the world, causing great social problems.

In addition, something very clear is that agriculture depends on nature, soil, sunlight, rainfall and temperature. The changes in the climate can cause droughts, floods, among other natural disasters that will cause the loss of crops as well as extreme temperatures that could kill the plants, causing that the global demand of food cannot be satisfied.

In addition, fishing will be another activity that will be in danger because the increase in the sea, will cause the marine currents to change, the corals can disappear which would totally change the marine ecosystem. On the other hand, high temperatures will lead to new diseases in different areas of the world, diseases that are unknown in several countries such as dengue, since when expanding tropical climates so will diseases.

Finally, another of the main dangers is the damage to biodiversity that we will experience, many species of animals and plants will become extinct. Polar bears struggle to survive in a warmer world, but the speed with which it is happening makes it impossible for animals to evolve and adapt to new living conditions. Other animals such as pandas, jaguars, white lion, jaguar, and tigers, among others are already in danger of extinction, as well as bees, which are essential for the life cycle.

It is essential that we begin to become aware of the responsibility we have in caring for the environment, we can no longer continue with our indifference. We have to value natural resources and avoid wasting resources as well as energy expenditure.

The founders of Globarkettire decided to create a company dedicated to the tire recycling process, thus helping the planet to eliminate tires that are already forgotten, preventing them from reaching the bottom of the oceans and contaminating the water. Also, we want to prevent them from catching fire and causing more pollution in the air and the subsoil. Our company is dedicated to recycling tires to create products that are useful for society by reducing the use of natural fuel or other natural resources, in addition to avoid the spread of tires without use around the world.

We invite you to know our products, you can browse our page to learn about our services and in the blog you will find information of interest about our industry. Contact us at our email or on our phones, we will be happy to help you.


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