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Cars, bicycles, public transport are indispensable for daily life in thousands of cities; likewise, cargo trucks are necessary for the construction of various buildings, so there will not be a short-term decrease in the use of tires in our society. Some of the current pollution problems are that millions of tires and automobiles are produced annually, and at the same time millions are converted into waste, abandoned and without having any other use that contributes something positive to society.

The tendency to live a zero waste life has begun to take popularity in the world and more and more people are worried about leading a life trying to generate as little waste as possible and help the environment. Sometimes, living a zero waste life is a challenge since we need cars to transport us, however we can try to produce as little waste as possible and make sure that the car we no longer use is recycled, as well as the tires.

Did you know that up to 90% of a car is recyclable? so we can create new products from those that are no longer used. Leaving an abandoned car is the worst thing that can be done as it produces the proliferation of insects, and generate more pollution.

To be able to recycle a car you can sell it to authorized centers, where they buy it to use the metal and different parts of the car, in addition to having machines that are specialized to lift, cut the parts they want and thus facilitate recycling. The first thing these specialized centers do is to remove the components that could be dangerous or polluting; later, they begin with the classification of elements that can be reusable.

Some of the hazardous waste of cars is the oil filter so its components are separated (metal and filter to convert it into paper); the fuel left in the car can be used by the company. Various liquids can be recycled. The batteries must be recycled and metal, plastic and acid separated. When they have finished classifying, the rest is sent as scrap. This waste can also be used, since specialized companies are able to separate metals, glass and other components to be able to recycle efficiently.

Another of the parts that can be recycled from a car are the tires and there are companies like Globarkettire that have services of tire pick up services in California to be able to efficiently recycle the tires. Having a tire pick up services in California has provided great benefits to the landfills as they find a way to get rid of the tires; our service is amazing because we go to the landfill and we take care of everything and it is an excellent way to create more landfill space and also to prevent the danger that the landfill could catch a fire due to the high calorific value of the tires. If they get to burn in the open air, they are highly polluting to the environment, producing large amounts of gases that produce global warming and are harmful to health.

The used mechanical parts, as the name says, are pieces of the car that are in good condition and people can buy them at a better price, in this section you can find used tires. Aluminum is one of the components of the automobile that can be recycled in its entirety and converted back into aluminum and used for the creation of new cars. Also, the fibers that are in the car can be used as energy, like the scrap tires that provide a lot of energy and are useful for many industries. The difference is that the industries have ovens so the gases are not released and each part of the tire can also be reused.

The cables of the automobile can be completely recycled, the plastic must be separated from the metal and both components can be used in their entirety. Some plastics can melt and become new parts. The glass of the cars can also be recycled into new parts of a car or window components. Most of the car can be recycled, which can bring great environmental benefits if we start to recycle them efficiently. There are many components of the car that is garbage, but it could be used to produce energy and in this way we would avoid the saturation of landfills around the world.

At Globarkettire we focus on tire recycling, our commitment is to recycle the largest possible number of tires to be used in various industries and to turn them into something positive and useful for society. Our company has trucks, trailers and people that will give you tire pick up services in California. The purpose is to go and pick up scrap tires from any tire dealer. The tire collection we offer is in all the California state.

Nowadays, we are stablished in San Diego, California and attend all California State, but our vision goes further. In the future we want to be national leaders in recycling rubber products. Globarket offers tire pick up services in California to tire dealers; this service is of excellent quality and reasonable price, since you can get rid of your tire waste quickly and efficiently with the certainty that our trucks and staff will do all the work. For more information about this service call us (001) 760 599 3841 or send an email to hello@globarkettire.com.




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