Tire pick up services in California: a solution for climate change

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Much has been heard about climate change and the terrible effects that the planet is having, such as the melting of glaciers, tidal growth, droughts, floods, etc.; however, there are few suggested solutions to stop and prevent the planet’s temperature from increasing over the next few years.

One of the solutions to control climate change is to make small changes at home. If everyone made a significant change at home we would have millions of results. You could think: “I’m just a person, there’s not much problem”. But imagine that is the mentality of millions of people and even companies and factories in the world that has caused the great pollution that we are beginning to suffer today.

It will be in a short time that children have to use face masks to go outdoors (they already do in many cities in Asia), even place air filters in the house so you can breathe a better quality air, smog fog that in so many cities it is causing illnesses in all the people, being the children the most affected since it affects the cognitive development. It is time to apply some measures from home and in the office so that the change begins to be real. What we can do is change the spotlights of the office and homes for savers, not only save money on electricity, you will also emit less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Turn off the television, computer and other devices that you are not using at that time. If you leave the computer charger connected, leave the TV on standby or leave the cell phone charger connected, you will continue to emit CO2 into the atmosphere because these electric devices will continue to consume electricity even when they are not in use.

Starting to recycle at home is a must, reusing glass and plastic bottles, as well as creating composts can make a big difference to our environment. Also, when shopping in the supermarket analyze on your consumption and packaging. If you are going to buy 3 bottles of a liter and there are two of 1 ½ liter, you better buy two; you can create recycled paper and even make crafts with recycled materials.

Plant a tree or if you live in the department place a pot with a plant on the terrace or in the living room, remember that the plants absorb CO2 so if we plant a tree we will be helping the environment to absorb the CO2 we generate.

Mobility is essential for humanity, but traffic is also one of the main pollutants for the planet. Pollution in large cities is exacerbated by the emissions of all cars and trucks on the streets. This happens without counting all the materials that are required for production of cars such as tires. While cars are efficiently recycled in most cases, tires continue to be a big problem for governments and society. What to do with so many tires that are found in hundreds of landfills or in the sea?

For many years the tires were abandoned on roads, in homes and even burned to eliminate them without knowing that these solutions were the worst thing that could be done as the tires burn produce a lot of toxic gases in the environment affecting the health of all the living beings that are around and if you get to burn a landfill all those who live in that region are in danger.

Globarket, known for making tire pick up services in California, is a company located in San Diego, California and is dedicated to create a large number of products made from recycled tires. Among them we have tire derived fuel that can represent a significant change for society, if more companies start to use we will have major changes because when burning tires as fuel in sealed ovens and following environmental measures we could be able to significantly reduce the CO2 of industries such as energy or the paper or construction. The tires have a great calorific value so when used as fuel they would use less quantity than if they used some other fossil fuel such as coal, they can also use and recycle the entire tire for their processes.

Among others of our products is the rubber mulch, buffings, granulate and rubberized asphalt, among many others that are able to contribute something positive to society, reducing the carbon footprint. For this reason we have created the service of tire pick up services in California.

Our Company has trucks, trailers and people that give tire pick up services in California. The purpose is to go and pick up scrap tires from any tire dealer so they can eliminate responsibly the tires; our service of tire collection is in all the California state. Our tire collection is a service of excellent quality and reasonable price, since you can get rid of your tire waste quickly and efficiently with the certainty that our trucks and staff will do all the work.

In Globarket we want to make a positive change, to accomplish it, we begin by attending the state of California, but our vision goes further and we want to be national leaders in recycling rubber products. For more information about this service call us (001) 760 599 3841 or send an email to hello@globarkettire.com and we will gladly assist you.


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