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Fossil fuels are those that have been formed over the years, under complex biological and chemical processes under special conditions for millions of years that form products that, due to their chemical conditions, are used as fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. One of the characteristics of these fuels is that they are not renewable; this means that they can be finished and we cannot dispose of more at the moment this happens; this is due to the fact that the same conditions must be met and wait millions of years to be able to have these products again.

The fossil fuels that people use more are natural gas, coal and oil and have been part of the industrial and transport development in today’s society. Currently, there is an indiscriminate use of these non-renewable resources, but it is time to start evaluating alternatives to have these resources, in addition to reducing the greenhouse effect, an example can be electric power and the use of tire derived fuel in the energetic industry.

Coal was formed millions of years ago from plant materials such as wood and leaves; this process had no air and also formed sulfur. There are several types of coal and these are divided depending on their caloric capacity, humidity, density and even the degree of carbonization. The exploitation of coal is the main mining activities and the reserves will allow us to have plenty for many years.

There are also combustible fuels that are used like wood and it is obtained from the current wood, animal coal obtained by burning the bones of animals. On the other hand fossil carbons are very popular but do not serve as fuels; this type of coal is what we know as diamond or graphite, these materials were formed millions of years ago and were subjected to high pressures, temperatures and geological processes.

Oil was formed from the plankton and often in the formation of oil also originates natural gas. The two types of fuels are accompanied by sulfur. The discovery of oil came to revolutionize the way in which people lived; this type of materials began to be used from the industrial revolution bringing with it great changes and advances for humanity.

Petroleum is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur. Oil provides thousands of products that are used for the production of goods and services, such as fuel to produce energy and transport, chemical products for the manufacture of thousands of substances for various industries.

Oil has brought many advantages to society, but its indiscriminate use has contributed to the increase of carbon dioxide, the excessive use of plastics has brought more pollution to the world and its exploitation also represents great pollution producing ecological problems. The fossil fuels allowed a development in the societies like we never seen before, brought great technological advances, in products and in transport. However, it also had a negative impact on the world because when these fossil fuels are burned, gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other gases that cause the greenhouse effect are emitted, causing climate change. In addition, every day a greater productive development is needed, originating greater use of this type of fuel to be able to supply the necessary energy to the different industries.

It is time to create alternatives and generate policies that help replace the use of these fossil fuels in various industries and products and replace them with other materials such as tires and tire derived fuel.

Tires represented an environmental problem that must be addressed immediately. Tires abandoned at landfills cause rodents and insects to multiply by threatening people living near the landfill. In addition, another latent danger is if there is accidentally a fire that burns all the tires in the open air will cause the release of gases and toxins very harmful to humans and animals.

This is why the large number of tires that are discarded daily is a great opportunity to use them as tire derived fuel. The advantages of this product are that it has higher calorific properties than coal and wood, it is cheaper and all the components of the rim can be used, bringing great benefits of costs to the companies.

Some industries already use whole tires to produce energy. This decision will depend on the size of the factory furnaces. On the other side, several factories have decided to opt for fragmented tires, better known as tire derived fuel. This type of fuel is very beneficial for the environment since companies must follow strict environmental rules and when burning tires in ovens, CO2 is not emitted into the environment, reducing pollution and producing a large amount of energy that we need for production of electric power and other products.

Not all companies have started using tire derived fuel, but every day more people begin to research about this product and to know all the advantages that the tires can bring to their businesses.  In Globarket you will find tire derived fuel. We use whole tires and then reduce them in a few inches to meet the needs of our customers we can offer them with no steel or no fiber to fit what your factory needs. For more information about this service call us (001) 760 599 3841 or send an email to hello@globarkettire.com and we will gladly help you.


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