Tire derived fuel: a solution to save money and protect nature

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Pollution is a problem that is already unsustainable, climate change, the indiscriminate accumulation of garbage in landfills of unimaginable proportions, as well as the five islands of garbage that are found around the world give us an idea that our customs can no longer continue the same, we have to make significant changes in our civilization in order to reduce the impact we are having on nature.

There are world heritage sites that are being threatened by climate change. An example of this is the massive bleaching of coral, as well as the melting of glaciers that are the most affected worldwide. Climate change is already here, continues to act rapidly affecting the natural reserves of the planet that are vital for the maintenance of ecosystems. For this reason, it is necessary to establish commitments, plans and urgent actions so that we can reduce the effects and keep sites considered world heritage safe.

Some of the coral reefs that are considered world heritage are the Aldabra Atoll located in the Indian Ocean, and the Belize Barrier Reef located in the Atlantic Ocean. Coral bleaching is when the corals weaken, this cause a discoloration of the corals, and is produced by the increase in the temperature of the sea. The increase in temperature also causes the expulsion of algae that are responsible for the color and nutrients of the corals.

This problem is mainly due to the melting of the Arctic, because when they melt, sea levels and temperature begin to rise, which means that the coral can no longer survive in the same places. Coral reefs are the most diverse ecosystems that exist. Many countries depend on these corals to sustain the fishing industry and feed the population, as well as help protect the coasts from the erosion that is produced by the waves of the sea. Corals have great importance for human life and the economy, so coral bleaching would have a serious impact on our lives.

On the other hand, another of the biggest problems is the melting of the glaciers, since the increase in global temperatures, these glaciers begin to be smaller so that sites such as Kilimanjaro and the Alps suffer a setback which causes (as already mentioned), the increase of the temperature in the sea, as well as less water supply to the populations. As well as the release of heavy metals that were trapped in the ice this could contaminate the water, which would bring serious consequences since it is a vital liquid (without analyzing the economic consequences).

It is vital to start creating actions that help nature, maintaining in good conditions these places that are important to the conservation of nature. You might think that a single person cannot make big changes. However, if each person begins to make changes and think differently, together we can make significant changes.

Globarkettire was founded to combat the damage caused to the environment, we firmly believe that one way to do this is for each person to contribute something good to society. In our case, we decided that it was of great importance to avoid the great damage that tire waste does, as well as prevent the fires of the tire dumps that exist in the world that can cause more pollution than we already have.

One way to do this is to convert tires into tire derived fuel; this is an excellent recycling option because factories and industries are not going to disappear. Therefore, our main task is to produce efficiently, taking care of the environment and trying to have the slightest possible impact. Several industries have changed energy that comes from fossils by tire derived fuel. Some of the benefits of tire derived fuel are that it is capable of producing the same energy as gasoline, 50% more than coal and double or even triple that of wood. Using tires as fuel can help your factory reduce costs because it needs less to reach energy levels and tires are cheaper than fossil fuels.

Tire derives fuel can reduce the emission of nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide to the environment. Factories are submitted to endure safety and control systems in order to recycle responsibly. Scrap tires are used in various industries such as cement, paper, utilities and industrial boilers.

The cement industry is one of the industries that use this type of fuel because they incinerate the tires, generating heat and ashes; every part of the tire is used in this industry. The heat produces the necessary energy and later the ashes are used for the manufacture of the cement. This brings lots of savings in raw material and fuel.

The paper industry also uses tires, but we recommend them to be of non-steel type because this material can clog in their systems. Another industry that uses the tires is the public utilities because of the high calorific value of the tires and they can produce great amounts of energy than coal. They also can save costs in fuel (because scrap tires are cheaper than coal).

In Globarkettire we are committed with our clients and nature. Tire derived fuel bring great benefits for both; the industries can save a great deal of money, and nature is protected because industries follow environmental regulations and reduce the emissions of CO2.  We know that together we can make positive changes in the world reducing tire waste and gas emissions.

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