Tire derived fuel: a solution for acid rain

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When you walk down the street and it starts to rain; have you ever thought about whether the rain that is falling on your head is acid rain? The rain is usually a bit acid because this helps to dissolve some minerals from the soil that are very useful for plants and animals. However, in recent years due to the large emissions of gases that we have produced acid rain has become one of the main environmental problems that afflict today’s society.

Acid rain is when precipitation contains large concentrations of sulfuric and nitric acid; this rain can be in the form of snow, fog or usual rain. Acid rain is caused mainly by human actions when burning fossil fuels, electricity generators, factories and automobiles. When burning fossil fuels it releases sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, among other gases that react with water, oxygen which produces diluted solutions of nitric and sulfuric acid. These acids are deposited in the clouds, the rain produced by these clouds is what is known as acid rain and the problem with this type of rain is that it comes in contact with water, rivers and soil, contaminating everything in its path.

Some of the consequences of acid rain are that it produces a lot of harmful effects on ecosystems, causing animals to adapt in order to survive. Polluting, rivers and soil toxicity in the water increases which causes great damage to crabs, fish and in general to all marine life; by being contaminated, the food chain is capable of spreading it to other species such as birds and even humans. Shrimp, snails and mussels are among the most affected species since greater acidity can cause deformations.

When acid rain increases the acidity of the soil, it causes changes in its composition and is able to prevent the trees from receiving enough water and nutrients for their growth and at the same time releases aluminum into the subsoil. In addition, to infiltrate another type of toxic metals such as cadmium, manganese, lead, mercury, among others that also leak into the subsoil reaching the water.

As with environmental pollution, to reduce acid rain and reduce the pollutants that cause it; if we suspended all the pollution that we produce today, the effects that acid rain has caused will take many years to be eliminated since this type of rain caused many trees to lose the capacity to reproduce, reducing the resistance of trees and plants at low temperatures, among others.

In order to combat acid rain we must reduce the CO2 emissions that are one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect, developing new technologies that allow producing lower emissions or recycling materials that allow us to create energy by producing smaller amounts of toxic gases. Also, it is advisable to save energy in our home, as well as reduce the use of aerosols, using transport that uses electric power, reduce the use of chemical substances.

One of the solutions is to use public transportation to reduce traffic and thus reduce the amount of CO2, plant more trees and worry about the reforestation of forests is vital because each tree helps absorb some of the carbon dioxide we produce, making in the process the oxygen that we breathe.

Our habits of consumption of energy and products is awful, currently a person produces a bag of garbage a day, if we multiply it by millions of people in the world it will not take us long to realize that soon we will be in a world full of garbage, with acid rain and other environmental problems such as climate change will cause the extinction of more species.

It is necessary to create a change and do something for nature; in Globarket we have created solutions from tires to create products that are beneficial for society. One of them is the tire derived fuel that is capable of reducing CO2 emissions in large energy factories and some production industries.

Some of the benefits of tire derived fuel are that it is capable of producing the same energy as gasoline, 50% more than coal and double or even triple that of wood. Using tire derived fuel can help a factory to reduce costs because it needs less to reach the energy levels required and tires are cheaper than fossil fuels. In addition, being burned in furnaces inside factories does not produce emissions in the open air and each part of the tire can be used during the production or creation of energy.

In addition, in Globarkettire we offer tire derived fuel made of whole tires and then reduce them in a few inches or we can meet the needs of our customers we can offer them with no steel or no fiber to fit what your factory needs.

Acid rain is a real problem that is affecting our ecosystem, we invite you to be part of this movement and take actions to help the environment, start using tire derived fuel or bring your tires to our facilities so that we can turn it into a useful product and help he planet. We invite you to know our all our products, you can browse our page to learn about our products, services and industry. For more information about tire derived fuel please call us (001) 760 599 3841 or send an email to hello@globarkettire.com and we will gladly help you.


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