Tire Derived Aggregate: tire recyclers and industries need to work together

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For some years there have been discussions about the need to create cooperation between tire recyclers and industries to be able to solve pollution problems in the short term and achieving a greater global impact.

Probably the main point we must attack is to remove the idea that tire recycling is waste; on the contrary, we produce a very beneficial product for various industries, providing great economic benefits. It is vitally important that communication and cooperation continue to grow in order to recycle more tires, support industries and reduce the carbon footprint we are leaving in the world.

Globarkettire is a company established in San Diego that recognized the need for a waste tire recycling facility in the county of California; we specialize in recycling cars and truck tires of all sizes, producing new products to many industries, providing excellent service and quality products made from recycled tires.

Globarkettire spend a big part of its time making actions that help reduce the impact that tires have in the world, and we do activities such as diverting waste from the landfill to our facility. We are a socially responsible company that is concerned about air pollution, waste disposal, water pollution, global warming and other environmental problems that are affecting this planet. We firmly believe that we can remedy some of the contamination through recycling tires and creating products such as tire derived aggregate, rubber granulate, rubber mulch, rubber buffings, infill material, among others.

One of the advantages that Globarkettire has is that in the United States, recycling is being supported and more and more people are worrying about the consequences of not carrying out efficient recycling. Millions of tires are thrown around the world and they end up in landfills or in the sea. In California, 44 million of waste tires are produced each year; thousands of them are already being recycled, thousands more are still abandoned in the stockpiles and thousands are abandoned on the roads causing health damage to people who live nearby because the abandoned tires promote the growth of insects and rodents. Also, there is a latent risk that they may catch fire and cause even more problems.

We are making plans and actions to avoid more waste of tires, but it is of vital importance to make greater efforts to be able to recycle a greater number of tires and that they be used properly. At Globarkettire, we have several solutions to be able to recycle tires efficiently. Among our products is the tire derived aggregate that is characterized by being used in Civil Engineer projects, for filling the ground in constructions, or to get points for the leed certification.

Applications of tire derived aggregate in civil engineering

The tire derived aggregate can be used in civil engineering projects where it is widely used in road construction, ravine crossings, beach stabilization, and lightweight backfill, among others. This application of scrap tires is very useful as it helps reduce costs, in addition to extending the life cycle of the tire, doing something useful for society.

The tire derived aggregate also serves as a filling material and for retaining walls. When this material is used for filling the ground in constructions industries need the help of geotechnical engineering because they know about mechanical and hydraulic properties of the materials on which to build. Engineers should investigate the soil and rocks to determine their properties to know the materials that should be used for the construction.

Also, when the construction industry used tire derived aggregate they can obtain leed certification benefits that are given to the sustainable constructions. Having this certification brings multiple benefits such as increased asset value, energy savings and resources, reduction of operating costs and waste, have access to tax incentives. In addition, they help the environment in creating spaces with better conditions for productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Another excellent use for scrap tires is used them as tire derived fuel; companies can use whole tires to burn them in their incinerators and create energy to operate the factory, reducing costs in fuels; tires also serve as raw material which is a great benefit and every part of the tire can be used. Besides, companies reduce the amount of tires that could be lost in landfills, saving costs, using less fossil fuel and they produce fewer gasses that produce global warming.

Every day the technology improves and with it the buildings, roads, homes and industries that have improved designs in order to care about their environmental impact, resulting in the creation of an energy stability, saving energy and construction materials through recycling.

Recycling tires is more complex than other items. However, we can reuse them in thousands of ways. Some of the uses that can be given to recycled tires are to create new tires, roads, shoes, playgrounds, in sports fields and so on.

We invite you to join this great movement of recycling and care for the environment and most importantly to be part of the change to create benefits in our society. We would really like you to know our products and check the excellent quality and price that will help your enterprise to save costs and have products using recycled tires. For more information please contact us at (001) 760 599 3841 or in our mail. We will be happy to help you.



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