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It is time to change the tires for new ones and we begin to analyze the great expense that this represents and that is when we begin to consider buying used tires for sale. Sometimes there may be insecurities regarding buying used tires for sale. Some of the most common are: Will they sell tires that still work? How can I choose the tire that is suitable for my car? How can I know how worn the tire is? Is the cost-benefit right? Where can I buy used tires for sale? Among many other questions that arise at the time of purchase.

The time to change tires will depend on the care that has been given to the tires; some of the main elements that cause the tires to last less time and increase wear are to drive at high speeds, brake hard and constantly, the type of terrain on which we drive, as well as the temperature. Another factor is not having chosen the right tires for our car and the type of terrain on which we will drive. Normally, the tires should be changed every five years, but it will depend on the use they have and their life can extend up to ten years, on the other hand, if the use that was given was very intense and they were not taken care of it may be necessary to change them before of the five years.

Because many people do not know when to change the tires for new ones or which used tires they can buy. The companies that produce the tires had the need to put on the rims some visual indicators that will help people to identify the best time to change the tires and avoid road accidents.The Tread Wear Indicator (TWI) is placed by all tire manufacturers to show the maximum wear point. This maximum wear point shows to what extent the tires are safe; when passing this point it means that the tires no longer have the necessary traction and can slip, causing accidents.
How to find it? This indicator is in the tread; in some brands they are small triangles with the tip towards the band. When the band starts to wear out, it will approach these triangles little by little; if you notice that tire wear has already reached this level, it is urgent that you change it to avoid accidents.

In the case that you do not find the TWI on your tire, you can place one dime and if you can read the “ONE DIME” legend completely, it is urgent that you change the tires. Also, the drawings that have in the tread are essential to have a good traction so we should always check that the drawings are present. If you see that there is no depth between the grooves, it means that the rim is very worn.

These tips are also useful for the time you need used tires for sale, so you will know how to choose them and evaluate if it is the right tire for your car. When buying used tires, the most important thing is to verify that they are still useful; that is, that the wear they have is not so representative and we can have safe trips.
Buying used tires can be dangerous if we do not know the elements that we should look at when doing it. In addition, there are a large number of tires that are sold illegally as used tires, we try to avoid this and buy used tires in formal establishments, this will give us the assurance that the tires will be in better condition and also avoid that many tires are transported illegally and sold or abandoned in landfills and streets.

Globarkettire, is a socially responsible company that cares about the environment and recycling. We offer tire recycling services, tire collection in landfills, you can also make an appointment with us and leave the tires that you no longer use. All these tires that we receive are used to create products from tires such as tire derived fuel, mulch, rubber buffings, tire derives aggregate, granulate, among others. We receive a large number of tires and a small amount is in good condition so we use them to sell them as used tires.

Our goal is to use the tires in something useful, rescuing tires that are still in good condition so they can be used for another period of time or create products that will be useful for society from used tires and thus prevent rubber pollution continues to grow In our world.

The used tires that we sell are chosen carefully, reviewing the wear and tear that they have and guaranteeing a good product to our customers. In addition, we keep them in a dry and roofed place with the right conditions to maintain the quality of the rim and prevent wear, wet or develop pests. Our salespeople are here to support you if you do not know what kind of tire to buy, they will help you to know how to see the tire wear or any other question you have any doubt.
If you are looking for used tires for sale, Globarket is your best choice. If you have any doubt please contact us at our phone number (001) 760 599 3841, at our mail, or you can visit us at 2580 Progress St Vista California, 92081, USA. We will be very happy to help you.

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