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Pollution is a problem that we are facing and every day this problem becomes more real and tangible. It is no longer just a theory of what could happen if we do not control our actions, now there are already various consequences of the actions we have done, every day there is more pollution and the danger of extinction of many species is already a reality.

There are many ways to decrease pollution such as tire recycling, saving water and energy at home, recycling organic and inorganic waste, as well as teaching children the importance of the environment and saving resources.

It is likely that during the following decades the global temperature will increase; as we already know, the goal is to increase maximum 35.6 F, however this goal is becoming harder to fulfill every day because we continue with the same habits. The goal that was set at 35.6 F is because each degree represents great changes on Earth. It may seem very little, but with each increase in temperature, the seas, animals and plants will suffer because the living conditions have changed.

If we maintain the temperature with an increase of 35.6 F, compared to the pre-industrial era, we will still be able to control global warming a little and life will continue similar, and the most important thing is that we can create actions so as not to cause more pollution and prevent the climate change.

If the temperature is increased by 37.4 F, the changes will be drastic, global warming and climate change will no longer be solved. Forests and rainforests will suffer fires due to high temperatures, which will cause more CO2 released into the atmosphere, which will increase global warming.

If the temperature continues to rise 39.2 F, we will suffer more changes, the poles will begin to melt more quickly and will cause many countries with shores to disappear and places like Venice, will live only in our memory. As the sea level raises, giant storms, tidal waves and floods will occur among other problems that could extinguish human life.

Climate change is a reality and we have already begun to live natural disasters that have greater power. The blocks of ice have started to come off, several species of animals and plants struggle to survive; while millions of human beings live in cities full of pollution and struggle to survive around garbage and toxic gases.

Global warming will cause major social and economic crisis as floods, temperature changes and extreme temperatures will cause a shortage of food and water in the world and even it could cause wars between nations just to ensure the survival of its population.

It is necessary to begin to change our way of thinking, nature cannot do everything and if we continue with the same habits of carelessness, not saving and disinterest we will all suffer the consequences. We must focus on sustainable growth that respects nature, using solar, wind or alternative fuels that produce less pollution.

Continuing with the same habits will mean rebuilding devastated cities, helping homeless people, scarce food, water and products, some diseases can revive from the ice or appear because of the new conditions of life. The changes will be unimaginable and it will be a constant struggle to survive.

At Globarkettire we are committed to helping the planet eliminate one of the biggest pollutants that are tires. By doing tire recycling, we have the opportunity to create new products, reducing costs and raw materials, and at the same time helping to eliminate the large number of tires that are scattered around the planet.

In the United States alone, 300 million tires are thrown per year, approximately one tire per inhabitant. For this reason, it is necessary to implement actions that help us to give a break to the Earth and above all to avoid the increase of temperature. We have time to create solutions to maintain life on Earth; that is why at Globarkettire we offer various products made from tire recycling such as:

Tire collection in California State with excellent quality and reasonable price, since you can get rid of your tire waste quickly and efficiently with the certainty that our trucks and staff will all work.

Tire recycling; we have a tire recycling plant that can process scrap tires; you can deliver the tires in our plant with an appointment so you won´t have to throw them and create more pollution.

Derived aggregate; this product is used in civil engineering projects, filing the ground in constructions.

Rubber mulch and colorized buffing that is used for landscaping to improve gardens or sidewalks; we offer also rubber mulch painted in different colors to improve the view.

Colorized crumb rubber and granulate it´s widely used for to install it in playgrounds for recreational areas or schools.

Infill material, it´s similar to granulate; but this type of recycled scrap tires is used for sport fields.

Also, we offer tire derived fuel for industries in order to decrease CO2 emissions and costs, as well as save natural resources and fossil fuels. In addition, the industries that use this type of fuel receive benefits for being socially responsible companies.

 Finally, we also offer used tires for sale, to extend the useful life of the tires. The goal is that all discarded tires can have a new use and thus contribute something positive to our environment, creating new products from discarded tires.

We invite you to browse our page, and if you have any doubts about our services or products please contact us.


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