The 10 most polluted cities in the world

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Every day, the planet struggles with more pollution due to various factors such as the increase of population, traffic, industries or landfills without control. Every day we hear news about red alerts, new environmental rules, and new rules for companies and vehicles. However, although it is a change, we cannot see a great advance in this problem. A lot of garbage is not recycled; you can find millions of plastic bottles, cans, plastic bags and also there is a lack of awareness about recycling scrap tires.

We might think that pollution is a problem under control; however, recent studies show that soon there will be more plastic than fish in the sea, there is garbage in remote islands and rivers that look like rivers of garbage and not water; the air contains more and more fog, which are plastic particles and the dumps become bigger. All this is a social problem, because we think that if the garbage is far away it will not affect us.

The tires have been a great advance for society as we know it; they gave us great benefits to improve mobility for people; but they gave us another big problem and it was the contamination by tires and the gases they emit in their degradation as well as burning them. For this reason recycling scrap tires is so important.

Every day there are more cities facing major pollution problems because they have not taken action on time and now face the health problems that the inhabitants have as well as the scarcity of water and resources because the water and soil are contaminated.

Some of the most polluted cities in the world are:

Linfen, china

The most polluted city in the world is Linfen, which is located in China. Linfen is an industrial city, so its great pollution is due to the factories and the mining industry that extracts coal from that city. In this city there is a large amount of carbon dioxide, arsenic, lead, among other toxic gases.

Linfen is the most important mining city in China, and due to the excessive extraction of coal the toxic gases can be found in the air, earth, water making all the inhabitants breathe the air that is the city with the worst air quality in the world; also they have to deal with poisoning by plumb or arsenic in water and soil that affect food and other living things such as fish or birds. The pollution is tangible in the air and you can observe an eternal fog. More than ten of the most polluted cities in the world are located in China because it is an industrial country where you can find many factories and mining that contribute to poor air quality.

Beijing, China

Beijing is another of the most polluted cities in the world and some of the reasons are because there is an excess of population which contributes to a lot of traffic. Mobility is a big problem, since the large amount of transport deteriorates environmental conditions. In addition, producing the energy for a city to work needs to generate electricity and it does so by burning fuels such as coal, which causes emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide. It is estimated that by 2030 there will be no useable water left in China.

Cairo, Egypt

In Cairo, a large number of people live in suburbs where they do not have basic services such as water or electricity. There is a neighborhood that is the garbage dump of the city where there is a lot of trash; the inhabitants of this place are able to recycle approximately 80% of the garbage, all are divided tasks to achieve the recycling of most of the garbage. In addition, the Nile River is one of the most polluted so people can be ill because of the viruses found in the water.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, they have found high levels of arsenic in the water that is used for crops; the problem is that arsenic is also in drinking water. The problem is that when water is contaminated, it can enter groundwater and pollute more the soil and therefore the plantations.

New Delhi, India

The smog of this city contains diesel fumes, construction dust. Emissions from coal plants and traffic are responsible for the air quality getting worse every day. Poor air quality can affect the cognitive development of children. Coal plants are one of the main pollutants for the planet.

These are just some examples of large cities that are already experiencing major pollution conflicts, where resources such as water and even air are scarce because in some countries thousands of people must buy filters so that in their home they can breathe a cleaner air. Other cities with pollution problems are Moscow, Los Angeles, Tokyo, New York, Mexico City, among others. The pollution is growing and affecting more and more people so we should start taking actions to solve it.

At Globarket we are committed to recycling scrap tires and creating new products; by doing so, we avoid that the tires degrade in the environment and contaminate the soil, water or air; we also avoid the risk of being burned outdoors, which would be even more damaging because it is a highly flammable material and would release large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Be part of the change and schedule an appointment at our plant so you can be part of the recycling scrap tires, we are located in San Diego, California. Call us, we will be very happy to help you, explaining in more detail our services and products made from recycling scrap tires.



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