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Pollution is a big problem that afflicts humanity. Since the industrial revolution pollution on the planet has grown indiscriminately, without giving a respite to the planet we have been creating pollution for hundreds of years and every day we damage the planet with more factories, cars, tires, plastics and many more pollutants.

When making the tires, industries have to add various elements such as sulfur, selenium, zinc, tar, among other components that emit carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide at the time of burning. CO2 is one of the main responsible for the greenhouse effect, which causes the temperature of the earth to increase gradually.

For many years the factories produced tons of waste that were not regulated, and that waste was abandoned in rivers, soil or air without this having major repercussions. Part of these actions was due to the fact that the consequences this had on people and the environment were unknown. Because the factories have high expectations of production, many of them must leave their kilns on every day of the year and many of them do so with fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal or oil and when they burn they produce sulfur gases that are highly polluting and also promote acid rain.

Sulfur dioxide is a highly polluting, colorless gas and has a very pungent odor with the combustion of oil and coal. It is present in nature in mines, hot springs and volcanoes. This gas is normally produced in refineries, thermoelectric plants and is produced by cars that use diesel engines. Also, nature is also capable of producing this gas when there are volcanic and oceanic eruptions dispersing the gas in the environment and affecting the living beings that live in the region.

Currently, many industries have begun to reduce the use of fossil fuels for their operation by replacing it with tire derived agreggate or also known as tire derived fuel. The use of tire derived fuel or tire derived aggregate as fuel can bring great benefits to the factories since it reduces the emissions of sulfur and other gases, and also brings economic benefits to the companies. The tire derivate aggregate or tire derived fuel is cheaper than fossil fuels; depending on the size of your furnaces is whether they can use complete tires or TDF with special characteristics to satisfy your industry.

Every day there are more companies that have begun to enjoy these benefits; using tires as fuel brings great benefits because it reduces the amount of tires thrown around the world and factories reduce the gases they would emit with fossil fuels. For this to be possible, factories must have fully sealed kilns and follow environmental regulations that in the case of reducing their carbon footprint can receive other types of benefits.

The problem of pollution when burning the tires is when they are allowed to burn outdoors.

When the tires are left abandoned, they can burn and if this happens, a lot of gases are emitted, dispersing polluting particles in the environment. The pollutants produced by burning tires are capable of affecting the respiratory system of living beings, inflaming the larynx, trachea and causing diseases such as pharyngitis, bronchitis and pneumonia

Sometimes these fires occur for long hours, which causes a large amount of polluting gases to be emitted that affect health. In addition, the roads and facilities can suffer damage due to the high calorific value of the tires because it is very difficult to extinguish them when it burns down. The health effects of sulfur dioxide is that it causes difficulty in breathing because it inflames the respiratory tract; it also irritates the eyes, can produce psychic alterations and even cardiac arrest.

Also, it can produce asthma, bronchitis, among others. Sulfur is very harmful to the environment and with a small amount can kill many plants.

Globarket is a company established in San Diego that recognized the need for a waste tire recycling facility in the county of California; we specialize in recycling cars and truck tires of all sizes, producing new products to many industries, providing excellent service and quality products made from recycled tires. In our company we also offer many products made of scrap tires.

We offer tire derived fuel made of whole tires and then reduce them in a few inches or we can meet the needs of our customers we can offer them with no steel or no fiber to fit what your factory needs. But also, we offer tire derived aggregate. This product is the same product as tire derived fuel but for other uses, they used it in Civil Engineer projects, for filling the ground in constructions.

Globarkettire spend a big part of its time making actions that help reduce the impact that tires have in the world, and we do activities such as diverting waste from the landfill to our facility. We are a socially responsible company that is concerned about air pollution, waste disposal, water pollution, global warming and other environmental problems that are affecting this planet. We firmly believe that we can remedy some of the pollution through recycling tires and creating products such as tire aggregate, rubber granulate, rubber mulch, rubber buffings, infill material, among others.

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