Scrap tires and landfills are the recycling future

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Now, millions of tires are being abandoned illegally in the world. This means that people throw away their scrap tires in the streets, in their backyards, on the freeways or where they can, without analyzing that these actions are affecting the pollution of the world. Leaving tires is a serious and uncontrolled problem; although there are already economic fines of up to $ 4,000 dollars and 2 years in prison for people who does it; however, because of the costs of recycling tires, people continue to carry out these activities.

Unfortunately, the tires that are abandoned end up on the beaches or rivers of California, contaminating all our surroundings; hence the importance of doing something about it. When abandoning the tires, they might come to think that it is only a tire, that nothing happens or that a tire will not make that damage to environment. However, thousands of people have that same mentality which causes the bottom of our beaches and rivers to be full of rubber, polluting the water and marine life that directly affects all the populations.

Along the border with Mexico is where there are more tires thrown. California exports used tires to Mexico, especially to Tijuana. However in this city some tires are sold in the market of used tires, others are used as stairs or as retaining walls and millions are forgotten in garbage dumps or in the streets.

Tijuana is located 90 meters above California (at sea level), so in landslides the tires return to the border with California and end up being thrown a dangerous waste for the population of both countries because they attract mosquitoes and bacteria. In addition, if the landfill came to catch fire the smoke would reach California affecting the health of all inhabitants.

Every day, the landfills of the world have more trash, not just tires because they contain tons of garbage like plastic, bottles, cardboard, tires, among other materials that could be used for other purposes but left abandoned in landfills contaminating the subsoil and the health of the animals and the people who live near them.

For hundreds of years, the population has discarded their waste in landfills; every day there are more people in the world and more garbage that is taken to these places. It is a serious problem that in a few years will be unsustainable if we do not start doing something about it. Initially, initiatives began to be able to realize a landfill mining and thus to use the waste and scrap tires of each landfill in something that is productive for the society. Landfill mining could be defined as the integrated valorization of waste streams as materials and energy.

To achieve this, you need to separate the trash in order to recycle it depending on the materials from which they are made. For example, glass, plastic, metals, aggregates, scrap tires, among others. This way, new materials can be created or used as derived fuel. Currently, projects are being developed for the creation of recycling programs for municipal waste and industrial waste. The aim is to create sources of employment, as well as reduce waste and reuse the primary resources that are becoming increasingly scarce and increase the costs of obtaining them. Landfills are a problem, they are synonymous of waste and obsolete; however we can begin to change our mentality and consider them as an opportunity. Landfill is an opportunity to obtain resources, saving primary resources and reducing our carbon footprint in the world.

As we have mentioned in other posts, one part that is a big problem in the world and in the landfill is the amount of scrap tires and abandoned tires that exist. There are many ways to recycle them to make them useful. That´s why we want to share with you some of the ways Globarket recycles the tires creating useful products for society.

We offer used tires for sale; because we receive lots of scrap tires; but we rescue just a few to the used tires market, so we sell a little amount of tires as used.

In order to provide good service to every tire dealer in California, we offer tire collection in the State with excellent quality and reasonable price, since you can get rid of your tire waste quickly and efficiently with the certainty that our trucks and staff will all work.

Tire recycling; we have a tire recycling plant that can process scrap tires; you can deliver the tires in our plant with an appointment so you won´t have to throw them and create more pollution.

Derived aggregate; his product is used in civil engineering projects, filing the ground in constructions. Also we offer colorized rubber mulch and colorized buffing that is used for landscaping to improve gardens or sidewalks; we offer also rubber mulch painted in different colors to improve the view.

The colorized crumb rubber it´s widely used for to install it in playgrounds for recreational areas or schools. On the other hand, granulate without painting normally is the base of playgrounds; the difference with colorized crumb rubber is that granulate has a smaller size. The infill material, it´s similar to granulate; but this type of recycled scrap tires is used for sport fields.

At Globarket, we are suppliers of recycled tires for the creation of thousands of products and reduce our carbon footprint. We are constantly innovating in new products and investigating what other uses could be given to the scrap tires so that we can reach a point where there are no abandoned tires in landfills. The goal is that all discarded tires can have a new use. We invite you to browse our page, and if you have any doubts about our services or products please contact us.


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