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Numerous companies that are dedicated to the production of automobiles are aware that they must take actions to create sustainability programs in their factories to be able to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as the emissions that their products cause in the environment. However, one component of cars that is the most polluting is the tires. This product, millions of times ends up in some scrap tire disposal where they are not given correct use, running the risk of producing a fire or ending up in the sea that is currently the largest tire dump

During the last few years tire manufacturers have been working to make tires less environmentally damaging, changing the way of production and components so that they can be recycled more easily and prevent them from ending up forgotten in some scrap tire disposal without be recycled. The goal is that they can end up in a scrap tire disposal were they can begin the process of recycling. This means that its components can be used to create other products or even new tires.

Approximately 80% of the composition of the tire is made of natural rubber. Natural rubber is a natural substance that is obtained from trees and various plants. Rubber is a white milky liquid that is found inside various plants. This material is recognized for its properties of elasticity and resistance to acids and alkaline substances, serving as a raw material for innumerable products such as tires, soundproofing, waterproofing, among others.

The natural rubber is processed with various chemical substances in order to create the compound to be used in the tires. Currently, there are many studies to create tires using the largest number of natural products and thus promote recycling and reduce the environmental impact of these products. Also, tires contain metals and fiber.

In some scrap tire disposal they use scrap tires precisely to create new tires. This way, each part of the tires that are no longer used can be reused. When a tire is recycled, rubber is used, which will save oil costs, since fewer gallons of oil are needed when recycling a tire. In addition, in Globarkettire we separate the materials from the tire, so we can offer our customers rubber, metals and fibers separately to make recycling easier. It should be said that tires also serve as fuel in this type of industries thanks to their high calorific content that helps produce large amounts of energy without contaminating the environment.

In addition to the components, companies that manufacture tires are beginning to take into consideration other issues such as the design of the tire to give the car and the tire longer life and save fuel. For example, if the tire is very thin there will be less adhesion and durability.

The diameter, width and shape of the tire drawings have a great influence on how to drive, avoid accidents, save gasoline. For this reason, there are different tires that specify what terrain they are made for. Some are better in arid lands, others in wet or with ice. At the time of buying tires we must look at our needs and recommendation that best fit our car to be able to have more durable tires, safer trips and save gas.

In order to help the environment, all people must participate and take an active role in the recycling of tires. The automobile producers request the companies that are dedicated to make tires that are safer and that their design and components are made of natural or recyclable materials in order to reduce the carbon footprint that we have generated. The companies that produce tires are constantly innovating to create products that are friendlier to the environment and are synonymous of safety.

Just as these two major industries are making significant changes in their operations, so must we. Maybe when we are just one person we think that we could not do anything or that we will not notice the difference. But little by little, with our example more people will begin to become aware of the importance of taking care of the environment and recycling. One way to do this is to take care of the tires, check the air or nitrogen that is at the right levels and thus we will conserve our tires more time (it is convenient for us economically and to the environment), having tires in good condition helps us to save gas and have trips more secure.

The government is also part of this chain because by providing benefits to companies concerned about the environment, it encourages these activities. Previously, burning tires was the most common way to get rid of them, without knowing that burning them is the worst thing we can do. In the United States in the 90’s there were approximately one billion tires in the dumps around the country, by 2015 this figure has fallen to 67 million, there is still work to be done, but every day we work on new ways to reduce this pollutant which is one of the biggest problems of our society.

We at Globarkettire are committed to the environment and our customers. For this reason we wanted to go further and dedicate ourselves to the recycling of tires. This way, we become a responsible scrap tire disposal and work hard to create recycled tire materials of the highest quality that are useful as energy, playground, infill material, gardening, landscaping, among thousands of uses that allows us save non-renewable resources such as oil, emit fewer gases that cause global overheating and climate change and maintain nature and ecosystems without causing further damage.

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