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As we have already mentioned in other posts, the wheel was an invention that revolutionized the development of humanity, facilitating the transport and mobility of human beings; turning it into a fundamental pillar for the commerce and progress of the communities.

At first, the wheel was made of stone, then wood and was used in many cultures for carriages and later it was made of metal until the invention of the rubber rim that we know today, the rubber allowed the trips to be safer, faster and more comfortable and also represent an advance in world transportation.

The production of rubber tires grew rapidly, as did the scrapping of the tires. The World Organization for Health and the Environment estimates that about three billion tires are discarded each year and unfortunately this amount is expected to increase annually. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 300 million tires are discarded every year and the problem is that not all tires are recycled, so the number of discarded tires continues to grow.

Black pollution is one of the number one environmental problems in the world that has more than one government concerned about this situation. Land transport continues to grow and there are cities where not having a car is unthinkable due to the great distances that must be traveled and the saturation of public transport.

The current tires are mainly composed of rubber, steel and textile fiber, materials that can be reused for the creation of new products and thus bring savings to industries. Every day the social conscience grows about the need to recycle tires due to the damage that has already been caused by plagues and fires in landfills, the discovery of the gases they emit when burned in the open air, the gases they emit during the hundreds of years they take to degrade, as well as the damage they have caused to the sea floor and ecosystems around the world due to pollutants.

Although today we already know about the damage caused by tires to the environment, there is still a lot of work to be done to reduce the large number of tires that are thrown around the world, as well as to ensure that the tires that are disposed of are totally recycled.

Globarket was founded to participate in this recycling movement and create products from used tires and thus bring something positive to society by helping to care for the environment. Our company uses advanced recycling methods to offer raw materials for the creation of numerous products taking care of the quality and specifications of each of our customers.

By recycling tires, numerous products can be created as fuel for industries such as cement, paper and energy; this is due to the great calorific content of the tires. The combustion of these tires is done in closed furnaces where these industries can take advantage of every part of the rim. In addition, in Globarket we offer the complete rims, without steel or without fiber to meet the needs of each client.

Recycled tires can also be used to create rubberized asphalt. This is a material that consists of regular asphalt concrete and crumb rubber, among other materials creating a mixture called rubberized asphalt.

The rubberized asphalt must be really hot so it requires specialized equipment and specialists to produce it. The purpose of it being very hot is that it is desired that the crumb rubber melts with the cement, causing the particles of the crumb rubber to melt and expand on the site. Using rubberized asphalt industries save money in materials because the thickness of the pavement can be reduced and they can use less material to produce it. In comparison to conventional asphalt overlays, the rubberized asphalt requires little maintenance and it lasts longer due to crumb rubber material that lasts twice as long, is more resistant to cracking and the deformation of the road.

In addition, recycled tires also serve to create sports courts, athletic tracks, playgrounds that provide greater safety to children. As well as for the manufacture of shoes, rugs, furniture, swings, bags, suitcases, belts and other of their main functions to be recycled is as raw material for construction since they can be used as infill material, acoustic materials, highways, landscaping and gardening among others.

The raw material of tires represents a long-term saving for construction and other industries due to its long duration and little maintenance is required.

We are very pleased knowing that every day more people are concerned about the conservation of the environment, creating alternatives and perfecting products such as new types of asphalt and other products for construction that will benefit our society and also reduce the great pollution that we produce.

We are thrilled that this type of products is increasing in their consumption because of the quality, durability and reduction of costs in the long term. Together we can spread the benefits of using recycled tires in asphalt, construction and as fuel.  Undoubtedly, in a few years we will have new benefits and more people will decide for an eco-friendly construction.

At Globarket you will find crumb rubber, derived fuel, derived aggregate, buffings, infill material, among other products of excellent quality and price. Our product is used for the creation of many products like playgrounds and highways of excellent quality making them resistant and durable so the maintenance costs are reduced considerably. For more information please call us at (001) 760 599 3841.


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