Rubberized asphalt: a solution for air pollution

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Atmospheric pollution refers when there are certain contaminating particles in the atmosphere that are harmful to humans and, in general, to all living beings. The air pollution is capable of affecting the air we breathe and has had a great development during the last decades due to the great industrial growth. Air pollution is normally produced by gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, nitrogen and sulfur oxide. In addition to other particles such as ash and smoke that are generated by fuels and aerosols. For this reason, this type of pollution is more common in large cities because there are more sources of pollution in it.
Air pollution can be caused by natural causes, such as the eruption of volcanoes or methane generated by all living beings in the process of digestion; although it is also produced by the great industrialization and burning of fossil fuels.

The industrial revolution caused that atmospheric pollution grow at alarming rates because the factories had no control over the gases they emitted, as well as no control over the waste they produced. Due to the great contamination that occurred due to the large number of factories, environmental laws began to be established. Currently, environmental laws are stricter, and environmental awareness about the damage that factories can cause has begun to be created; emissions in the factories have begun to decrease and they have begun to use recyclable products such as tires to use them as tire derived fuel and even in rubberized asphalt.

At this time, pollution comes from factories, power plants and especially traffic. Traffic causes large CO2 emissions, which is one of the major factors that have caused air pollution. Another source of contamination is that in many countries, garbage dumps are burned causing more pollution. For example, in many countries the burning of tires in the open air continues to be a very common practice, which generates a large amount of CO2 and other toxic gases that damage the health of all living beings in the region.

Pollution is very harmful to water and soil, which can cause food to become contaminated, damaging all the living beings that feed on them. One of the most recognized effects is the generation of acid rain that is capable of damaging crops, contaminating water and even damaging buildings. Pollution can damage the health of humans, it can occur in irritation of eyes, throat, nose, skin, headache, nausea, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, among others and may even cause congenital damage or death (depending on the amount of contamination to which people is exposed).

Air pollution has become a major global problem in which urgent action is imperative. Governments have begun to prioritize the problem of pollution by signing agreements such as the Kyoto agreement where countries commit to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which is one of the main gases that produce the greenhouse effect.

We are very pleased knowing that each year more people are concerned about the conservation of the environment and have begun to change actions that may cause more pollution; some of them begin to reduce the use of aerosols, recycle garments, or use friendlier transportation such as the bicycle or the subway to go to work.

The objective is to create alternatives and improve the products that we currently use to make them more eco-friendly, have greater durability and produce less pollution. In Globarket we decided to create alternatives to use the tires, which are one of the biggest polluters we face because their production requires burning oil, producing large amounts of CO2 and also after the tire is no longer used produces toxic gases while disintegrating (without considering the risk of burning it in the open air).

A solution that has taken great relevance during the last years is the creation of products made from tires. The process that must be carried out is to separate the rubber, metals and threads from the rim and thus it can be used for different purposes. At Globarkettire we produce a large number of products made from recycled tires, among the most important is the rubberized asphalt.

The rubberized asphalt is a material that consists of regular asphalt concrete and crumb rubber, among other materials. The mix is placed on a road surface and the rubberized asphalt needs to be really hot, and requires specialized equipment because of the crumb rubber melts with the cement and expands on site. We are thrilled that this type of asphalt begins to become popular due to its quality, durability and reduction of costs in the long term. This asphalt is ideal to extend the useful life of the tires, increases safety in travel and becomes a product that continues to be useful for society for many years.

Each day the production and application of this product is perfected, in few years we are certain that this product will have new benefits and more people will decide for an eco-friendly construction and roads such as rubberized asphalt. At Globarket you will find products made from tires such as crumb rubber, buffings, mulch, infill material and other products of excellent quality and price to complement your terminal blend, rubberized asphalt or for gardening purposes, construction, among others. Our crumb rubber is used for the creation of highways or parking lots of excellent quality making them resistant and durable so the maintenance costs are reduced considerably. For more information please call us at (001) 760 599 3841.


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