Globarket is a company that turns waste into innovation. We are a company that is committed to the environment and carries out daily actions that help reduce the impact of pollution in the world, specifically the contamination of the tires that has grown during the last years.

We consider that tires cause large amounts of air pollution, waste disposal, water pollution, global warming and other environmental problems that are affecting this planet. For these reasons we want to play a big role in protecting the environment.

Globarket spend a big part of its time making actions that can help reduce that impact to the world, such as diverting waste tires from the landfill to our facility. This is how we started to offer services in used tires for sale, tire collection and tire recyling.

The tire collection is a service that we offer in all the California State; we have trucks, trailers and professional people that go and pick up scrap tires from any tire dealer. In the other hand, in the tire recycling service we do it in our plant where with an appointment you can take the tires that you do not use anymore to give them a better use. As you can see, all our activities focus on recycling tires and turn them into innovative products that benefit the population with its various uses. We have plants to recycle tires, where we separate the components of the tires to use each part of them and recycle them in various products that will bring positive things to society and not toxins and pollution as they would in dumps and oceans.

rubber mulch

Some of our products are: derived fuel, aggregate derivates, colorized buffings, colorized crumb rubber, granulate and infill material.

Another of our products that we have produced and have been very successful is raw rubber mulch which we can also paint in different colors and is used for landscaping to improve gardens in houses, hotels and much more, even in your neighborhood you can see this kind of material in the vegetation of the sidewalks.

Rubber mulch is durable and it’s really useful as a ground cover for playgrounds because it’s soft and spongy; these characteristics have increased their popularity because it gives children greater safety when playing, avoiding serious hits in children when they fall while playing.

More and more playgrounds have rubber mulch as a floor in parks or hotels. Nowadays, they are already very popular in schools because they provide greater security, comfort, they are resistant to changes in climate and constant use of children running over it and is one of the favorite materials to install playgrounds in the courtyards.

Over the past few years, its popularity has gone beyond the games for the little ones; and also has taken importance in the landscape and gardens.

The advantages of using rubber mulch for landscaping is that it is a product that has long life and withstand the inclemency of the weather, such as heavy rains, snow, strong winds or extreme sun. It is ideal for any type of climate, in addition, it protects plants and it prevents them from dying, preventing water from evaporating, taking care of humidity and soil temperature.

It is placed by hand to create landscapes of different colors and figures depending on the taste of each person. Compared with the natural mulch (made of wood or leaves) that must be renewed every year; the one made of tires can last ten, fifteen or more years; which makes it a great investment as it can represent a cost-saving in the long-term.

Another advantage is that it prevents the growth of weed, depending on the use that you want to give. If you are making a path and you do not want grass or weed to grow it should be placed 0.32 feet or a little more. On the contrary, if you want to use it to care for plants and trees, the thickness should be 0.16 to 0.32 feet; allowing the plants breathe and not causing the roots to rot for moisture excess. Another advantage is that it does not attract insects and animals. On the contrary, the wood mulch attracts termites; the one made with tires does not attract animals which allow the plants grow healthy and inhibit the growth of pests, animals and weed in paths. Also, when children play there they won´t have to be careful with these insects.

In addition to all these advantages, another benefit is that you can create landscapes, games or paths with different colors according to the taste of each person; giving a visual boost to your business, school and home.

When you buy rubber mulch, you are buying a product of the highest quality, with the option to buy different sizes of granules, as well as colors that will give you the advantage of being able to innovate to your taste the desired design. The only problem will be deciding which landscape to do. In addition, buying this product represents a long-term savings due to its durability and low maintenance.

By purchasing rubber mulch, you will support a recycling movement where we try to prevent millions of tires from ending up breaking down in the oceans, rivers and cities. And get them to have a use during their life, reducing the carbon footprint.

We invite you to browse our page, know more about our products and if you have any questions about any of the products please contact us by phone or via email. We’re at your service.


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