Rubber Granulate: a solution to avoid burning tires

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Currently, there are a large number of tires that arrive in Mexico through contraband, causing the tires to begin to invade urban and natural areas of the region. The reason why the tires arrive to this country is because they are sold as used tires because large numbers of people do not have the money to buy new tires, so they look for cheap prices in tires.

The indiscriminate sale of used tires cause many people to cross from the United States to buy used tires in Mexico, aggravating the problem. In Baja California there is a problem of tire accumulation; efforts have been made to monitor the handling and income of the tires. However, this number continues to grow due to contraband.

One of the problems is that in Baja California the accumulation of tires continues to grow as there is no infrastructure to transform the tires into any other material such as rubber granulate, which would have several benefits for the community; avoiding the accumulation of tires in the streets.

The accumulation of tires causes the growth of insects and rodents that cause diseases. Likewise, the risk of a fire at the border is a continuous threat that can affect people in Mexico and the United States due to the emission of gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and rust dust. This type of gasses causes diseases to people and animals due to high toxicity. The burning of tires produces the chemical and physical disintegration of rubber and other materials, leaving compounds harmful to health in the air. The intense black smoke also contains heavy metals, damages the ozone layer and can also become acid rain. Also, they raise the temperature of the environment because the vapors react with oxygen.

During the last years there have been large landfill fires that have threatened the health of people and animals in the region. In July of 2017, there was a fire in Jalisco, Mexico of a landfill where there were approximately 200 thousand tires. The tires have high calorific properties so controlling fires is quite difficult with this material. If this same thing will happen with the millions of tires that are on the border, we would suffer the consequences also in California.

All the gases that are emitted during the fire are transported to the air; these particles are breathed and also placed in objects, in the eyes and skin of people and animals. In addition to the invisible particles, burning tires generates a waste that is moved by wind and rain, which can affect rivers, groundwater, lakes, causing the subsoil and water to be polluted, reducing the productive capacity because of the tires components such as sulfur, selenium, chlorides, tar, among others. Also, these elements stay in the atmosphere, which causes the temperature of the earth to increase because they create a greenhouse effect (they prevent heat from entering space).

Besides affecting the Earth, these pollutants affect the respiratory system of people and cause inflammation in the larynx, trachea and bronchi. By reducing the defenses of the respiratory system it may cause respiratory diseases, pneumonia, asthma, drowning and can even cause some types of cancer. The burning of tires has been done for years because people did not know all the negative consequences that this practice causes to health and the environment. A burnt tire can cause the same pollution as the use of a car for a year.

Tires are a big social problem for which we are all responsible because we are citizens of the world. Its material causes damage to the environment and the health of all living beings. There are still many tires that need to be recycled but there are thousands of options to achieve responsible recycling.

In Globarkettire you can find a large number of products made from recycled tires, to avoid the burning of tires that threaten our health and the environment. Some of our products are rubber granulate, this product is used as a base of the playground without any color, or for molded products or other applications such as speed bumps, mats, among others.

The colorized crumb rubber is rubber granulate, but we paint it in order to install it in playgrounds for recreational areas or schools. We also sell granulate, which is the same as rubber granulate but with a smaller size, because is the base of playgrounds without any color, or for other products.

We also offer infill material, this product is larger sizes of rubber granulate, and this is applied in the sport fields that uses artificial turf, is a different process from the other granules.

All the products that we make are recycled and they have great quality so that they can have other uses during the useful life of the tire. At Globarket we are constantly innovating in new products and investigating what other uses could be given to the tires so that we can reach a point where there are no abandoned tires in landfills and avoid the risk of a fire. The goal is that all discarded tires can have an end use and not be abandoned, we are a company concerned about the environment and committed with our clients; that´s why we are constantly doing research in order to provide more ingenious products with scrap tires and can help with this problem.

We invite you to know our page, and if you have any doubts about our services or products please call us (001) 760 599 3841 or send an email to and we will gladly help you.

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