Globarket is a Company established in San Diego and it was founded to help the planet. One of the main activities of our enterprise is to make actions that help reduce our carbon footprint in the world. We know that economic and population growths are harmful to our planet and that is why we want to make a change; diverting waste tires from the landfill to our facility. We collect tires in California, and we specialize in recycling car and truck tires of all sizes, but we also serve other industries.

However, another of our major concerns is the care and waste of water that day by day becomes a problem that we must face soon. United Nations presented the World Water Development Report of 2017 in which they estimate that global freshwater withdrawal is 2440 cubic miles per year. They also estimate 44% (1,066 cubic miles per year) of this water is consumed, mainly by agriculture through evaporation in irrigated cropland. And the remaining 56% is released into the environment as wastewater.

This provokes the discharge of untreated wastewater into rivers and oceans; which are the main reasons for deoxygenated zones. The wastewater affects the marine ecosystems and it’s responsible to make changes in food chains and the extinction of some species. Normally, wastewater management is not that important. It don´t receive the appropriate social and political attention in comparison to water supply (scarcity). However, the two are intimately linked; neglecting wastewater has highly impacts on water supply, human health and the environment.

In 2016, the World Economic Forum has assessed the water crisis as the major global risk for the next ten years. Most worrying is that during the next few years the water demand will increase significantly due to the growth in population which causes more demand in agriculture, livestock and energy sector. According to the UN by 2030 water demand will increase by 50%.

During the last years, the consumption of water has increased considerably, as well as its waste in agriculture, livestock gardens and houses. Temperatures during spring and summer season increase; which causes living things to consume more water. Humans, animals and plants need to consume larger amounts of water in order to survive high temperatures. In addition, if we add global warming, we will notice that each year temperature increases such as water consumption.

rubber buffing

On the other hand, the use of water to irrigate gardens and trees in hotels, restaurants and homes increases. However, did you know that in summer time approximately 50% of the water used outdoors evaporates? So conserving water and protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, so we want to share some ideas to save this vital liquid.

  • Use rubber buffing. The rubber buffing is used to replace part of or all the lawn; creating incredible gardens that reduce water expenditure throughout the year as they maintain the humidity and temperature of the soil where the roots are, protecting them from changes in weather. The rubber buffing is made with recycled tires; which are crushed like and painted to create a visually appealing object. In addition, being made with recycled tires helps the environment by reducing the tire dumps; giving them a useful use during the time it takes to degrade. This product is very convenient for playgrounds as it provides greater safety for children, requires minimal maintenance, and is long-term money saving. Also, it controls the weed so they do not grow in the play area, path or garden where you want to place it.
  • Drip irrigation. To irrigate your plants efficiently and without wasting water we propose drip irrigation systems. These types of hoses go underground and water the plants and trees through small holes in the pipes. This method is very accurate since the water goes to the roots of the plants and does not evaporate.
  • Irrigation with rainwater. If we do not have the possibility to create drip irrigation, we recommend recycling the rainwater. For example, when it rains we recommend placing large buckets in order to collect the water from the roof; later these full buckets can be used to water the gardens. Thus, we recycle water, save money and take care of the environment. A tip to save water is to water the plants at night. If we water the plants in the morning or in the afternoon, the sun can burn the plants and also evaporate the water that just received the plants.
  • Infill material. Another of the products that we produce is infill material for synthetic sports fields this one also helps to reduce water consumption. Sports fields that use synthetic grass and complement it with granulate or infill material help prevent the waste of thousands of gallons of water to keep it green. By using these materials for the creation and maintenance of sports fields we are helping the environment and saving money as it does not require as much maintenance as if it were natural grass.

We also make other products that help the environment such as tire derived fuel for kilns; tire derived aggregate for civil engineering; colorized rubber mulch; rubber buffing and crumb rubber for playgrounds; granulate and infill material. We invite you to save our planet and know more about our products and services like tire collection, tire recycling and used tires for sale. Contact us, we will be very happy to help you.

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