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How long do the tires last in your car? It is probably one of the most frequent questions we ask ourselves when purchasing a car; we usually ask the question for economic reasons since changing the tires can represent a significant expense for that month. However, in addition to economic issues, the durability of tires is a determining factor for the care of the environment.

The durability of the tires can extend up to 74564.5 miles depending on the use and care given; however, many tires are discarded between 27, 961 miles to 37, 282.272 miles or five years after having purchased it. On the other hand, some manufacturers recommend that after five years, the state of the tires should be inspected frequently to avoid accidents and they should be changed up to 10 years after having acquired them.

The tires are one of the elements of the car that has more wear because it is the only point of contact between the car and the asphalt. The first tires did not have as much durability as in our days; however, all this depends on the care given to them.

If we begin to analyze on the amount of automobiles that exist in the world and the tires that are used so that everyone can work is an exorbitant and worrying number in environmental issues. For this reason, at Globarkettire, we begin to worry about the way we can recycle tires in products that extend their useful life, such as rubber buffing.

The quality of the tires is a very important aspect in the purchase decision. The tires that have better quality cost more but they ensure that their life will be longer. The way in which people drive is also a very important factor in determining the durability of the tires since if the driver is accustomed to drive at high speed and braking hard; this can cause the tires to have a shorter period of useful life. In addition, if at the time of driving bumps are passed at high speed or hit the sidewalks, among other small accidents will cause premature wear on our tires.

Other factors that may affect the durability of the tires is the pressure because having little air in the tire causes greater wear on the rim and higher fuel consumption. The frequency of rotation is determinant in the wear of the tires; this factor refers to how many miles you travel daily in your car; a car that is used in smaller distances will last more their tires.

The load that carries the vehicle is also capable of wearing down the tires; each vehicle has a maximum amount of weight that can be loaded depending on the model. The weight can influence the traction of the tires, accelerating the wear is greater as well as throughout the trip. The more weight you usually load, the greater the wear on your tires will be.

The terrain in which you get used driving will also affect the durability of the tires. In addition, it is necessary to have the recommended tires for your car model and terrain through which you will drive. The problem that you do not choose the right tires is that they will wear out faster, causing your car to also spend more fuel; also, having tires that are not suitable for the terrain and the car can cause problems in traction, representing a safety problem.

When buying new tires, we should also look at the wear of the other tires; having a new tire and the others very worn out also causes the new tire to suffer greater wear. For this reason it is recommended to rotate the tires periodically so that the tires wear out evenly. In addition, when buying tires it is recommended buying four of them or at least two so that you can rotate the tires and there is no premature wear on the tires.

It seems that it is something unimportant, but the weather also plays a fundamental role in the duration of the tires; if it is very hot, the asphalt gets hot and the friction with the rim causes it to wear more. On the other hand, in very cold climates tires can lose some of their properties. The tires of the automobiles must be analyzed periodically to determine that they do not have a significant wear that represents a safety problem and to know when it is time to buy tires. This will help avoid safety problems and be sure that the tires are in good condition for a trip.

At Globarkettire we have several types of products and services related to tire recycling. For us it is important to take care of the environment and for this reason we sell used tires, we have collection services in California and we offer various products made from the recycling of tires such as rubber buffings, rubber mulch, infill material, derived fuel, among others.

The Rubber buffings we offer are painted in different colors to give a better image to landscaping in gardens in residential, houses, hotels, business, etc.; this type of material is useful even in sidewalks to care for plants and visually improve any garden or landscape. The goal is that all discarded tires can have a new use. We invite you to browse our page, and if you have any doubts about our services or products please contact us.




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