Rivers contaminated by scrap tires disposal

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Every day there are more rivers that are contaminated and that represent a great problem for the subsistence of living beings. Currently, we have begun to live the freshwater crisis; the main rivers that provide water are dying due to climate change and pollution. There is research that indicates that more than half of the world’s rivers have a large amount of pollution.

The river that is in the south of the United States in the border of Mexico is very important since it provides water to both nations. The aqueducts that have been built have impacted the volume of water in the river, which causes the increase of the evaporation of the water. In addition, they take the water away from that place which causes the droughts to increase which causes that it is required to extract more water from the river which causes a vicious circle since by extracting more water, the volume of water will continue to decrease and the drought increasing.

The Nile River is the largest river in Africa and is one of the most important rivers that allowed the development of ancient civilizations in the region. Its channel runs through several countries and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. During the last year’s dozens of fish have died as a result of the high pollution that the river has due to organic and industrial residues that come from hospitals, hotels, sewers and of course it has also served as scrap tires disposal.

Another very important river in the world is the Ganges; this river is located in the north of India and is born of the glaciers of the Himalayas. This great river is divided into several smaller rivers, unfortunately, pollution in India has increased rapidly, and the river contains skeletons of animals, human cremations, organic waste, waste from various factories, scrap tires disposal, among others. People has tried to clean it, but without success. The problem is that this river that previously worked to provide people with water now seems that its purpose is to house pests, rodents and other animals that cause diseases to humans and animals.

The great pollution that many rivers have of chemical products, pesticides, waste from factories, tires and even animal corpses causes the water to be contaminated and that this contamination begins to spread through the ground, reaching aquifers affecting more and more people. In addition, rivers near textile factories are those that receive the most contamination due to all the processes required to make the clothes.

The Mekong River flows through Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam; this river is one of the most polluted in the world and millions of people are in danger of dying poisoned by arsenic. Arsenic is found in aquifers, in bottled water and even in fish and with the food chain it will probably pass to other species such as birds, causing more and more animals and people to be affected by this contamination.

The pollution of the rivers is a very serious issue; approximately 2 million tons of garbage is thrown daily in the rivers of the planet, without carrying out any monitoring or treatment of the waste. These rivers are becoming garbage dumps and scrap tires disposal. Water is vital for any living being, so water contamination poses a threat to all species; if we continue without treating the waste, there will be a shortage of clean water that we can drink. Besides; more and more rivers are contaminated, which represents a risk for the species that live in them and the ecosystems. Many of these animals die which affects the food chain; on the other hand, the animals that begin to adapt will be contaminated, which represents a risk for human beings.

The pollution of the rivers is not something that is going very far away, and when we do not see it, we feel that it is not real or it will not affect us. It is a latent problem and in the coming years we will begin to experience the consequences of the neglect of these rivers and seas. Water pollution affects all living beings and every day they become more polluted due to chemical products, pesticides, sewers, oil wells without counting acid rain.

Every day more people are exposed to these polluted rivers and that the lack of services, exposure to pollution has caused diseases. In addition, access to drinking water is increasingly difficult.

At Globarket we are very concerned about the care of the environment and for this reason we decided to help the planet and create products made from recycled tires. Our mission is to decrease scrap tire disposal that exist around the world and turn them into useful products. The tires that are disintegrating in the rivers are great pollutants that prevent fish from living in those places, affecting the ecosystems and also encouraging the growth of bacteria that harm health is something we want to stop.

We will start with the state of California, but our vision is to cover more and more places and eliminate the scrap tire disposal of the world and give tires a second chance to be useful for society.

At Globarket, we are suppliers of recycled tires for the creation of thousands of products and reduce our carbon footprint. We are constantly innovating in new products and investigating what other uses could be given to the scrap tires so that we can reach a point where there are no scrap tires disposal abandoned tires in landfills. The goal is that all discarded tires can have a new use. We invite you to browse our page, and if you have any doubts about our services or products please contact us.


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