The tire manufacturing process is very interesting and complex. It is incredible that the manufacturing process is so complex, while the disposal of the tires is done without the least hesitation; the only thing that makes a person evaluate in changing or not changing a tire is the cost of the tire; environmental concern is far from this dilemma.

In the tire manufacturing process the first step is to study what the tire will be used for, the driving habits of the people for which it will be design and thus ensure that the performance and safety needed of each car model is accomplished.

Subsequently, they mix more than 200 ingredients that integrate the tire; each component has a specific function that can be safety, performance, fuel or to enhance the eco-friendly appearance.

Rubber is the main component of the tread, metallic and textile reinforcement cables are the skeleton of the tire that give it shape and rigidity; among numerous chemical agents that give them different properties like high resistance, strong grip, among others.

recycling scrap tiresCurrently, millions of tire waste is produced in the world and every day the need for recycling scrap tires increases to take care of the environment and our health. The production of tires is similar to waste, so millions of tires are produced and disposed of each year; nowadays tires do not withstand bumps and normally their useful life is not very long.

These reasons make tire manufacturers are spending money in research and development in order to create a prototype that is resistant and their materials are environmentally friendly. Every year there are exhibitions around the world, where manufacturers present samples of their “idea” of the tire of the future; sincerely we will not see them in our cars in the near future; maybe the one that comes to replace the current tires may be seen in the streets by our children or grandchildren; however, these advances could revolutionize the automotive industry and significantly reduce environmental pollution and decrease the need of recycling scrap tires from the millions of tires found in tire dumps.

Studies are currently focused in improve tire technology. Thus, brands such as Goodyear, Michelin and Continental have shown what their idea of tires is in the future. Some of them are very radical and others are more conservative; but all have the same objective that is increase the life of the tire, increasing its resistance and improving the materials with which they are made.

Goodyear presented at the Geneva Auto Show a different concept of tire. This rim will be a sphere. Nothing to do with the tires we know today. This tire will be able to change shape depending on the terrain and adapt when it identifies that there is water, mud or if it pinched with an object it will begin an automatic auto repair, while it continues working. In his idea, the cars will only occupy two tires although the materials still look like rubber. So in this futuristic idea we will continue recycling scrap tires.

On the other hand, in Canada, Michelin Company presented a tire that is made with natural and biodegradable materials. And the drawing where the rim and the wheel come together can be printed with 3D technology. The tire will transmit to the driver the state of the tire and road. Some of the materials that will be used for the creation of this tire are sugar cane, orange peel, wood and they also will not have inside the tire so we would forget about having flat tires. The tires can be recovered so they will have a longer life time and the tire could be adjusted depending on the weather and distance they have to travel. This tire is not yet for sale and still lacks a lot in research and development but it’s a pretty good idea.

On the other hand, Continental company made a proposal that looks a lot like the tires that are used today and suggests changes in the manufacturing process; where the rim will have 3 pieces a tire with structure similar to that used today, an internal star that would function as a wheel and a star that would connect the rim with the brake.

The tire will be very light, will adapt to small and medium electric cars; and the main idea is that the tire will have the same useful life as an automobile; producing less tire waste.

It is a relief to think that people keep thinking about new ways of creating stronger tires and new ways of manufacture are being researched; however, while the day comes when the tires are eco-friendly we must continue to worry about how to recycle scrap tires to prevent the tire dumps from their continuous growing.

Globarket is a company that is concerned about the environment and committed to creating products made of rubber that are a benefit to society. Just as design and research in tire production has increased, so the technology of recycling scrap tires every day is more ingenious.

However, the number of recycled tires is still small. For this reason, at Globarket we offer tire collection in California or tire recycling that with an appointment you can go to our facilities to leave the tires that you no longer use. For more information about this service call us (001) 760 599 3841 or send an email to and we will gladly help you.


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