Recycling scrap tires: a solution to curb climate change

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The UN has mentioned on multiple occasions that climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Garbage begins to spread to all corners of the earth and more than ever it is necessary to start recycling scrap tires among other types of waste such as plastic and glass.

Climate change is a challenge; it is a latent problem and means greater pressure on society on the need to create a significant change in our society. This is due to the change in weather issues, difficulty in producing some food, animals in danger of extinction, fires, droughts or catastrophic floods, as well as sea level rise, melting glaciers and changes in the seasons.

It is incredible to think that since the industrial revolution began, human beings have managed to increase alarmingly the greenhouse gases that are naturally present in the atmosphere. With the population, industrial and economic growth of each city, the levels of emissions of this type of gases are greater too.

The industrial revolution occurred when the economy stopped being based on agricultural activities and began to depend on industries (mass production). At the time of starting to create factories, gas and CO2 emissions began to be concentrated (the most common because it is produced by burning fossil fuels such as coal or petroleum) that caused the increase of global temperature.

It is estimated that the global temperature has increased and it is expected to increase from 33F to 35F which will cause the Arctic melt and increase the sea level another 0.39 inches by the year 2065. In addition, the effects of climate change will last for centuries even if we stop completely the emissions of these gases that produce it.

These changes are currently causing irreversible changes in ecosystems such as the Amazon or Antarctic. Forests in the amazon due to warming and loss of moisture; the glaciers of the mountains have also been reduced which causes the water supply to be reduced in the months with the highest heat. To try to stop this situation, various legal instruments were created to prevent dangerous human interference with the environment. In addition, the Kyoto Protocol requires developed countries to reduce their emission levels and the Paris Agreement, whose main objective is to strengthen global support against the threat of climate change to avoid the 35F increase.

Some of the cities in the world committed to reducing the impact of climate change are Austin, Boston, Cape Town, Caracas, Copenhagen, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Mexico City, Milan, New York, Oslo, Paris, Philadelphia, Portland, Quito, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Santiago de Chile, Stockholm, Vancouver, among others.These cities are committed to work to have a cleaner air and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

 A third of the greenhouse effect is produced by traffic; so cities seeks to create pedestrian streets, bicycle lanes, reduce the number of polluting vehicles and renew public transport to be zero emissions buses and share the progress periodically. Although the cities are committed to making these changes, they have in common that they all have a lot of traffic which also means tire waste. In addition, proposed solutions, such as zero-emission buses and bicycles, will continue to use tires, which also make it a priority number one Recycling scrap tires.

Recycling scrap tires benefits all the inhabitants of the world, since by carrying out recycling work we can reduce the impact that humans have on the environment and prevent climate change from continuing to grow unsustainably and threatening the environment and species.

The increase of 35 F on Earth, compared to the pre-industrial era, should not be taken lightly. Although the temperature rise sounds very little; this increase can cause the melting of the glaciers that would cause islands or coasts to disappear. In addition, the hurricanes and rains will be of greater force, causing great damage to the cities located near the coasts. Currently, thousands of species are extinct every year, and deforestation also worsens the problem, since it is precisely these forests that help purify the Earth’s air from the greenhouse effect.

This is one of the reasons that bring great concern; deforestation continues to grow as well as the emission of gases such as CO2, so there are fewer and fewer forests capable of purifying the air and humans continue to pollute the planet even more. If we continue with the old industrial practices we can say goodbye to the world as we know it, since thousands of species will not survive.

Globarkettire, was founded to contribute with something positive to society and we want to recycle one of the biggest pollutants that are the tires. With the Recycling scrap tires we can create fuel and use all the components of the tire. This process is done in closed furnaces so it does not represent a threat to the environment. On the contrary, it is a great help because the tires are highly flammable and produce much more energy than other materials such as coal or wood. In addition, scrap tires can be used to create new tires using less oil and reducing gas emissions. Among our products are granulate, infill material, buffings and mulch which help in diverse industries, bringing to the world something positive from waste. We invite you to get to know us and to be part of the fight against climate change with Globarkettire.

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