Recycling of tires in California: reducing pollution

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Pollution is when there are chemical, physical or biological agents in the environment that are harmful to health or that affect the well-being of people, animals or plants in the region. The pollution that exists in the environment can cause damage to human beings and affect nature permanently causing alterations in the survival conditions of human beings. Around the world millions of people die each year due to causes of air pollution.

The growth of today’s society causes that every year human beings increasingly need a greater amount of food and diverse products, producing larger amounts of waste, which has caused the pollution growing exponentially.

The population growth has altered the Earth and has caused that now regions in tropical zones are deserts, we have witnessed the extinction of thousands of animals and vegetation. Also, there are serious floods around the planet, and the growing pollution has caused millions of people to suffer the consequences of polluting emissions. People who are most vulnerable to contamination are children, pregnant women, the elderly and people who have respiratory problems, as well as people working outside, or near places where large amounts of polluting emissions are emitted.

There are several types of pollution that can occur in soil, air or land and can usually be divided into several types of pollutants to make known what is contaminating or the environment that is affected. Some of the most common are combustion using coal, natural gas or wood; cars and heaters.

Some of the most common types of pollution are: Air pollution, occurs when there are emissions of toxic gases into the atmosphere; the most common in this type is carbon dioxide. This gas is produced by a large number of industries, factories and by cars in large cities, which means that in large cities there are more pollution problems.

Water pollution refers when there are wastes in the water or rivers; soil pollution refers to the existence of waste in the soil due to agricultural, livestock or other types of pollution that have leaked into the soil.

Sound pollution is when high decibels are produced in a specific place; usually in cities there is always this type of pollution. Chemical contamination is when some kind of chemical in the water, air or soil.

Pollution may be able to end the lives of many species of animals and even those of human beings causing a wide variety of diseases. The consequences of pollution can be irreversible since many of the resources that are contaminated will take hundreds of years (in some cases thousands of years) to recover from the damage we have caused; the environment is an inexhaustible good, we cannot replace it so it is time to change the mentality and worry about nature by doing various actions to achieve a change.

Pollution has already damaged the environment, the ozone layer, glaciers, seas, rivers, groundwater, and air, among others, which has caused climate changes. These changes caused exaggerated changes in temperature, rainfall, tsunamis, hurricanes, droughts and other natural phenomena that have destroyed entire cities. It is time to make changes so we recommend not buying disposable items that are not biodegradable because doing so, the only thing we can do is use it for less than an hour and when it is wasted it will become part of the millions of discarded plastics that have already formed islands of garbage in the sea.

Do not throw garbage on the street, also rationally use fertilizers in your garden, avoid the use of tobacco and take care of forests because remember that trees can process 1 ton of CO2 throughout their lives, so more trees represent more life and care for nature. It reduces the use of cleaning products or uses those that are made of natural materials, which means that it will not affect the environment.

Try to drive less to reduce the polluting emissions of the car and try to make sure that the tires of your car are recycled at the moment they no longer serve you. We recommend checking the car to check it is in good condition.

Our company is dedicated to recycling of tires in california to lower our carbon footprint in the world, and help the environment to produce lower CO2 emissions. Sometimes people do not know where they carry out recycling of tires in california efficiently and using the tires to produce different products that are useful for society.

If you do not know where to go to throw waste like tires, do not burn them because they pollute more, we recommend that you locate companies that do recycling of tires in California or in any other state to be sure that your tires will end up in deposits to be recycled helping to emit less pollutants and find them a useful use to your discarded tires.

At Globarket, we are experts in recycling of tires in California and we want to be part of the change and take care of the environment. If you want to deliver tires at our plant, we are located at 2580 Progress St Vista California, 92081, USA, contact us to schedule an appointment and have more information about this service. In addition, if you have doubts about our products or services we will be honored to serve you. To know more about our products, call us at (001) 760 599 3841 or write us at


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