Recycling of tires in California and option to save the environment

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The tires have become a major pollution problem in the world, which has created the need for recycling of tires in california and in the world, giving them a longer life and thus reduce the ecological hazards that tires can create in landfills around the world. There are thousands of ways to recycling of tires in California; some of them are very creative, and can be done at home or another option is to bring it to Globarkettire, experts in recycling of tires in california to give them a more sophisticated use.

A great example of recycling was the one they made in Colombia because they use abandoned tires to create homes for people that don’t have the resources to buy their own home. This solution solves two problems at the same time, because it can help to recycle a large number of tires and convert them into homes for homeless people. To achieve this, it is necessary to fill the tires with dirt and secure them with rods to create solid walls in the houses.

Another use that has been given to them is to create retaining walls in places where there are landslides; the objective is to protect inclined land. The wall made with tires is able to prevent erosion, deteriorated as well as a collapse of the slope. The tire structure is able to sustain the pressure of the terrain, in this construction you can use tires of different sizes, and raise the wall up to two meters. To make the wall firm, the tires must be filled with stones to give it weight and be able to sustain it properly. Each hole is filled with a mixture of soil and cement that will prevent the rain from affecting the structure. This way, collapses can be avoided in certain areas.

With the waste of tires you can also create stairs for outdoors gardens. They should only be filled with soil so that they are stable and hold the weight of the people who will walk on them. In addition, as for several decades one of the creative ways to recycle tires is to turn them into swings and hang them from a large tree. This is a great idea to save money and to recycle the tires.

Another very creative way of recycling of tires in california is to create outdoor chairs or tables. If you want to create a chair, you can paint it, fill it with the center and you will have an economical and original chair for outdoors. On the other hand, if you want a table you can paint it and place a wooden or glass base on it to place glasses or ornaments.

A tire has many uses so we must use our creativity and look for some of them. Another use that we can give it is like a bed for our pet, we only have to place a cushion or a comfortable stuffing for our pet in the hole. If we want to help the environment more, we must separate the garbage at home so that the recycling processes are simpler. For this reason we can stack three tires, glue them and paint them and we will have an outdoor trash can.

Likewise, they can be used to create children’s games as sandboxes, animal figures or painted so that children can play. On the other hand, the tires can also be used as flowerpots or even used to park bicycles. These are some creative uses that can be given to tires at home, but in case that you do not want to recycle tires at home, there are other options and not to throw them away, like taking it to Globarkettire where we will take care of recycling it.

By bringing your tires in Globarket you are helping the environment, because you will be sure that the tires will be properly recycled and will not end up in a landfill degrading slowly. Some of the uses that we give to the tires are the following:

Derived fuel, which is shredded material reduced in a few inches, we can make them with fiber or no fiber, with iron or not iron depending on the necessities of the specific industry. Another of our products is derivate aggregate, which is used in civil engineer projects, for filling the ground in constructions, or to get points for the leed certification.

Another of our popular products is raw rubber mulch and colorized rubber mulch; which is used for landscaping and to improve residential gardens. Also, colorized buffings is used for the same purposes but the presentation is different.

Granulate and colorized crumb rubber is usually installed in playgrounds or for molded products and other applications like speed bumps. This option is really used because it helps the recreational areas to be safer because this material can absorb blows that help to avoid serious injuries. Finally, we have infill material which is applied in sport fields that uses artificial grass.

As you can see, the products we offer from tire recycling have many uses in daily life, help in gardening, improve the landscape in sidewalks, allow creating cushioned floors in children’s games, also serves to fill in construction projects, as well as making roads contributing something positive to the society and making use of tires avoiding pollution.

To be able to recycling of tires in california with Globarkettire you can deliver the tires in our plant with an appointment. We are located at 2580 Progress St Vista California, 92081, USA. If you want more information our phone is (001) 760 599 3841 or write

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