Recycling of tires in california: a fight against climate change

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Climate change is a problem that affects all living beings in the world and it is very important that each person becomes aware and has a role in combating global warming. In our case, one of our contributions to the world is to work in recycling of tires in california.

This problem did not start yesterday; it has been a latent problem since the 80’s that was the moment when the first environmentalists and scientists began to observe the changes that the planet was suffering. It was at this time that people began to understand that they had to take action to be able to take care of the planet. In the 90’s began the creation of non-governmental organizations to combat climate change, as well as international agreements in which countries commit themselves to a series of actions to take care of the planet.

The protocol of Kyoto is one of these agreements; the objective of this protocol is to get countries to reduce their emissions between 5% and 8% in relation to the emissions they had in 1990. This is how the governments began to make a change to achieve a difference; also, from the beginning of the millennium, more and greater efforts began to reverse the damage we have done to the planet. In Europe, there is a plan with 42 measures that countries must comply with in order to reduce emissions, we hope that soon not only European countries will be members and that more countries will begin to join the fight against climate change.

The change has been gradual, but we are on the right track, we must continue our efforts and spread the responsibility of caring for the environment throughout the world. Every country, region, companies, families and people have a commitment to the Earth and we must take care of it to stop what is coming as the worst catastrophe for human beings.

Each person has the decision to create a change and can do so with small actions. If every person in the world, becomes aware and takes action to reduce the amount of energy and waste, in addition to using recycled materials we can achieve great changes.

As for the companies, the governments have installed some environmental rules that these companies must respect. This way, large companies commit themselves to reduce their emissions, to reduce the waste they generate, to recycle them, as well as not to throw it in rivers or seas. Currently, there are companies that are trying to be 100% sustainable, this means that they take care of the environment in the factories, but also in the offices that in many occasions are the places where more energy is spent, as well as paper and other waste that sometimes is unnoticed.

Companies, businesses and homes can start by placing LED lights, which save energy and release less CO2, in addition to reducing emissions will also make you save money on the bill because they spend less energy.

Another action that we can do in business and in homes is to unplug electrical appliances; if we leave them connected they continue to use energy even if they are not on. Therefore, it is important to disconnect them, imagine if all the companies and houses turn off and disconnect televisions and computers when they are not in use this would represent great energy savings; some small actions are to disconnect the charger from the cell phone when you do not use it or disconnect the microwave if you do not use it.

Another way to participate is to choose public transport, or join in a car with more people if they go to the same place. This way, emissions caused by traffic will be reduced; or you can choose an electric car or bicycle. However, even if we use bicycles, a big problem remains: tires.

Tires are an essential part of world transport, without them aircraft, trucks, cars, motorcycles and even bicycles would not work. The problem is that previously they were not discarded correctly and also every year millions of tires are thrown in the countries, which makes the problem worse. Many of the tires are forgotten and cause erosion, emit greenhouse gases and help the proliferation of insects and diseases.

At Globarkettire, we are aware of this big problem and that is why we decided to offer the recycling of tires in california service. Our facilities are in San Diego, and we offer tire collection throughout the State of California and thus be able to recycle as many tires as possible to reduce the environmental impact.

After carrying out the recycling of tires in california process, we can offer our products to create hundreds of products and even as a fuel for various industries such as energy or paper, which require a lot of fuel to operate.

In order to provide good service to every tire dealer in California, we offer tire collection in the State with excellent quality and reasonable price. Also, we offer used tires for sale.

Recycling of tires in California is a big deal for us, we have a tire recycling plant that can process scrap tires; you can deliver the tires in our plant with an appointment so you won´t have to throw them and create more pollution.

At Globarkettire, we are suppliers of recycled tires for the creation of thousands of products and reduce our carbon footprint. We invite you to browse our page and contact us.


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