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In the 70’s people began to think of a solution for pollution caused by tires; in those years the emissions produced by the tires were unknown, but due to the large quantities that already existed since the landfills were full of tires, people began to think of possible solutions to end this great problem and be able to devise a positive way in which tires could help humanity. During these years there were still no other ways to recycle tires such as rubber mulch, buffing, derived fuel, among others.

Many ideas arose and around the world it was thought that placing the tires at the bottom of the ocean could create artificial reefs and improve fishing in the countries. It was believed that the animals would grow and inhabit the tires at the bottom of the sea, creating new ecosystems and attracting the fish to inhabit those areas. One of the countries that adopted this practice was United States.

One of the coastal cities that have suffered the consequences of this decision was Fort Lauderdale which is a city in Florida, facing the great Atlantic Ocean and is known worldwide as “Venice of America”. During the decade of the 70’s, more than two million tires were placed on the seabed near this beautiful coastal city

It was expected that the tires would create an artificial reef and attract thousands of species to the coasts and thus be able to boost the fishing activity of the city and improve its economy; however, this activity did not go as planned at the beginning. The tires come and go aimlessly, being carried away by the ocean currents and spread the tires across the seafloor and have caused damage to nearby natural reefs as well as the emissions emanating from those millions of tires at the bottom of the ocean, causing no species can live near the place and contaminating large amount of water as well as different species, damaging and changing the ecosystems near them.

People have worked a lot to reduce this damage and the authorities of Florida have invested millions of dollars in removing these tires that have caused great damage. The cleaning work has lasted for years and upon completion will recover thousands of tires that are located approximately one mile off the coast of this city.

The Osborne Tire reef was expected to become a refuge and home for fish, helping the growth of corals and promoting the growth of marine life. As we mentioned, what happened was that the tires will move and hit natural reefs destroying them, leaving thousands of tires drifting on the sea floor for 40 years, making an infinite panorama of tires on the seabed without life.

Over the years it was that the authorities and environmentalists realized that this was not an appropriate solution to efficiently get rid of the mountains of tires that were in landfills and like the United States, some countries like France began to withdraw the thousands of tires that were thrown during those years.

Currently, the sea is the largest tire dump in the world killing thousands of fish and spreading pollution around the world. The problem is that contaminated fish are ingested by humans so that contamination spreads and affects the food chain. In addition, of the tires the sea has millions of tons of plastic that have reached remote islands and the fish have had to eat plastic to survive. It is estimated that in some years there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

For these reasons, we must create actions to recycle plastic and tires to take care of our planet and allow future generations to know the wonderful world in which we live. Globarket is a company established in San Diego that recognized the need for a waste tire recycling facility in the county of California, we specialize in recycling tires of all sizes, and however we also serve other industries. Our company wants to make a positive change for society and that is why we offer an excellent service and quality products made from recycled tires like rubber mulch.

Some of the benefits of rubber mulch are to help retain the heat of the soil allowing a successful crop to stimulate rapid growth by protecting the harvest as it offers a physical barrier between plants and land offering great benefits. Depending on the season, this product has different effects on the soil: it stabilizes the temperature, reduces evaporation (maintains soil moisture) and also serves to control pests.

We also sell colorized rubber mulch to be able to realize landscaping and thus to give a pleasant and sophisticated appearance to gardens and to the paths in parks or gardens made from this material. The advantage of this material is that it does not need maintenance and can last for years without the need to change it or lose color. Thus we can design spaces that are pleasant, taking care of the environment and recycling part of the large number of tires that exist on the planet.

Tires waste is a real problem that is affecting our environment. Its manufacture and mass wastes are turning this problem into one that must be addressed urgently. We invite you to know our products, like rubber mulch, you can browse our page to learn about our services and in the blog you will find information of interest about our industry. Contact us at our email or on our phones, we will be happy to help you.


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