Oil pollution: urgent need to recycle

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The human being has a large number of natural resources; most of them are non-renewable and very polluting when used. Oil is an energy source widely used by humanity; oil took millions of years to form and in a matter of seconds thousands of liters are burned by humans for the manufacture of hundreds of products or as fuel.

The use of oil has increased considerably due to the fact that energy consumption has multiplied in recent years; this has caused that oil pollution has increased due to poor management of the industry, lack of enforcement of strict environmental measures, excessive exploitation and accidents of oil spills in the ocean.

At Globarket we are dedicated to recycling tires, one of the most polluting products in the world (made from rubber and oil) and we do it by converting it into crumb rubber.

Oil can be very harmful to the environment because it can be toxic to the environment and is capable of harming plants and animals that have contact with oil. As we all know, oil has great heat properties so it is very flammable and for this reason it is used as fuel for various industries.

Much of the oil pollution comes from leaking ships or various tanks with which they transport the oil to its final destination. There have been major oil leak accidents that have caused great impact in the world. The pollution produced by oil can vary depending on where it happened, the time of year, wind, and water temperature, as well as ocean currents.

Some of the consequences of oil pollution are that it is able to penetrate living beings affecting their health; in addition, ecosystems will also be affected because oil reduces the oxygen in the water, destroying marine life. In addition, blocking the sun prevents aquatic plants from doing photosynthesis. Surely we have seen images of birds full of oil; the fact that birds get dirty from oil prevents them from flying, and in fish it makes it difficult for them to swim. Another consequence of pollution is that exposure to oil can cause high mortality in various species.

Pollution caused by oil has harmed the seas and in the union of some rivers with the sea; this harms the ecosystems of those regions and also harms the human being in their health and economically. If the oil has contaminated some marine ecosystem, this region would need at least 3 years to recover. In addition, algae and corals are the most affected since they cannot escape from this type of aggression. As well as turtles, dolphins and whales that have to go out to get air and may suffer from obstructions.

The problem is that at the moment of extracting the oil these machines create destruction, have spills and emit large amounts of C02 during this process. Oil has become a very important economic activity and is even the main economic activity for several countries in the world, so its extraction is far from eliminated. On the contrary, stricter environmental rules could be created to care for and safeguard the environment.

It is time to defend our environment, because our future depends on the nature. It is necessary to take care of our natural resources, animals and plants to continue enjoying the benefits that our planet offers us. Sometimes, we might think that we cannot do anything in front of the big producers and companies; however, the set of small actions are what make the difference.

At Globarket we are committed to the environment and for this reason we have dedicated ourselves to recycling abandoned tires; we create various types of products and serve as raw material or fuel for many industries and products which helps to reduce the use of coal, natural gas and even oil.

We know that tires need a lot of oil and other components for their production; but if used tires are used to create new tires, the amount of oil needed is considerably reduced, helping to use less oil and emit less CO2 into the atmosphere. Scrap tires have many uses after they are discarded; one of the main products is the crumb rubber that has many functions in various industries and we usually find it in children’s games where we can find crumb rubber of different colors giving life to children’s games, protecting children from strong blows and also preventing them from animals inside the games or avoid that those insects bite children.

Crumb rubber has great benefits in play grounds because it doesn’t need maintenance, does not produce stagnant water, retains its color and allow recycling millions of tires giving all of them to second use which helps reducing pollution. In Globarkettire we offer you crumb rubber of great quality; also we have the pickup services in all California state cleaning landfills of scrap tires; or you can make an appointment in our offices and we will receive your tires; be a part of this amazing movement and help our world using products with recycled tires or make sure that your tires end up in our facility and making a contribution to reduce pollution in our planet.

We invite you to know our page, and if you have any doubts about our services or products please call us (001) 760 599 3841 or send an email to hello@globarkettire.com and we will gladly help you.


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