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Globarkettire is a company established in San Diego that recognized the need for a waste tire recycling facility in the county of California, we specialize in recycling car and truck tires of all sizes, and we also serve other industries. We provide excellent service and quality products made from recycled tires.

As we have mentioned in several posts, climate change is a great problem for humanity and the world will suffer the consequences of not taking care of the planet as we should. Some parts of the world will be more affected than others, in some parts winter may not be as strong as expected, but in other places there will be floods and droughts. Each country will face different consequences since each one has different social problems, as well as climate and natural resources, so it will not be the same in the United States as in South Africa or New Zealand. Each one will face different problems and protect themselves from them.

As you can guess, the underdeveloped countries will be the most affected by climate change since they do not have the infrastructure to face these new adversities. Millions of people will have to struggle to survive and get clean water and food. In addition, many of these countries that are vulnerable will face floods or droughts which will cause greater shortages in food and damage suffered in nature by natural disasters.

Globarkettire was born to fight pollution and be part of the change. It is for this reason that we must begin to create sustainable economies, where we promote the rational use of resources, save energy and recycle as many products as we can. If we continue with the same wasteful customs without considering nature, we will not only be seriously damaging the Earth, we will also be promoting great social problems since many crops will be destroyed by the change of the climate, in addition there will be shortages of water. This will contribute to social inequality since supply will decrease, demand will grow and prices will increase considerably.

It is necessary to start using recycled materials such as tires, this way we can reduce pollution on the planet. At Globarkettire we offer products made from recycled tires such as mulch, buffings, granulate, infill material, tire derived fuel, used tires for sale, among others. With our products we help the environment and create products that are useful for society and reduce our carbon footprint in the world.

Some of our most requested products are raw rubber mulch and colorized rubber mulch; these are products that are used for landscaping and to improve residential gardens or some sidewalks, for thousands of gardens and recreational areas in the city. The mulch in gardens or recreational areas will help to maintain soil moisture, control the herbs, giving at the same time to a nice appearance as we will in different colors, as well as protection to your plants from insects and changes in temperature.

Another advantage is that the rubber mulch is able to maintain the humidity of the earth so it helps to block the evaporation of water and overheating of plants; while in cold climates it is able to maintain the temperature of the roots and thus prevent its roots from freezing and dying. Rain or irrigation passes through the rubber so you will not have any problem to maintain the health of your plants.

It is for this reason that it is very useful to combat the changes in temperature that we are experiencing, in addition to joining the world of recycling when using it in your fields or gardens.

Globarket spend a big part of its time to make actions that can help reduce that impact to the world, such as diverting waste tires from the landfill to our facility. We as a socially responsible company are concerned about air pollution, waste disposal, water pollution, global warming and other environmental problems that are affecting this planet and a way to remedy it is through permaculture and our contribution is through mulch.

Permaculture is a design of productive areas that is friendly to the environment; the goal is to keep communities or regions that are engaged in farming or livestock. This way, people can recycle nutrients, waste; taking full advantage of the energy. In addition, the goal is to produce the same or more energy that is consumed to make a comprehensive design of human settlements that are productive, sustainable and respect nature.

Permaculture finds the relationship between water, wind, sun, energy, plants, land and animals integrating it with humans to integrate designs that are sustainable and productive. The purpose of permaculture is working with nature, not destroying it. Take care of plants and animals as living beings and not only see them as products. We are all equal in this culture and we work together to survive.

Tires waste is a real problem that is affecting our environment. Its manufacture and mass wastes are turning this problem into one that must be addressed urgently. We do not want a world full of useless tires degrading, affecting the environment and all those who inhabit it.

In Globarkettire we are part of the change, we invite you to join this great movement. We invite you to know our products, you can browse our page to learn about our services and in the blog you will find information of interest about our industry. We will be very happy to help you!


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