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The problem of throwing tires without consideration is that it takes hundreds of years to decompose. Also, each tire emits toxins at the time of decomposition polluting the earth or water and soon animals will begin to die because of the toxins. The major landfill is in the ocean and if we continue with this trend fishes will die because the high toxins of the water threating our own existence in this world.

Tires contain hydrocarbons that make them ideal to be a derived fuel. Tires have more fuel value than some fossil fuels such as coal, representing savings in various industries such as cement because tires are cheaper than some fossil fuels in addition to providing more heat and therefore more energy in plants. In the United States millions of tire waste is generated each year; and by forgetting these tires we are missing a great opportunity to recycle them, help the environment and save energy costs by using them as a tire derived fuel.

One of the industries that can get more benefits when using tire derived fuel is cement plants because they can use the heat energy of the tires, save costs because they are cheaper than some fossil fuels and also they produce more energy. Approximately if you use one ton of tire derived fuel, you can save more than 25% of coal. Some of the benefits are the reduction of consumption and extraction of coal, as well as avoid costs of processing and transportation of coal to the plant. Using recycled tires to produce energy in various industries would allow us to recover and conserve our fossil fuels.

Tire derived fuel is a fuel derived from scrap tires. It can include whole tires of processed tires like the ones we make in Globarket to achieve the specifications of the end-user. You can choose whole or shredded in a specific way everything depends on which industry you want them, the type of combustion you will make and the size of the kilns.

TDF already has a market established in the United States and has allowed a large number of tires to be recycled and used in industries such as cement kilns, pulp and paper mills and electric utilities that use this type of fuel to increase efficiency, reduce emissions gases and reduce costs. Approximately 150 million tires are used as TDF in the United States, which means that of the 300 million tires that are thrown away annually, about half are already being recycled, promoting environmental care. This represents a breakthrough; however we still have a lot to do to ensure that there are no scrap tires in landfills.

There are environmental discussions about whether to use tires as a fuel in order to help the environment and some people say that they should not be burned for the emissions they cause. However, using tires as fuel can promote the use of fewer emissions, including less greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, it is very important that the industries comply with the established controls to avoid that the burning of tires damages more the environment.

Scrap tires are an excellent fuel, in cement kilns they accept whole tires (like we already said); however, other industries need processed tires that are shredded. In globarket we can eliminate steel or fiber, depending on the ovens that our clients have. The advantage of using these furnaces is that there is no smoke, odor or emissions of the tires to the environment. This is because the ashes are also used the final product so there is no waste of these tires.

Pulp and paper industry use this type of fuel to complement other natural fuels like wood; because they have higher heat energy than wood, so that´s why they have been started to use TDF more frequently. TDF helps to reduce fuel costs, besides it does not produce more emissions to the environment, it also helps to improve the reputation of companies by making them socially responsible. Electric utilities use TDF in boilers in power plants to generate power. Typically in this type the TDF without steel is used and some of the advantages of TDF is that it has higher heating value, lower emissions and low costs.

United States is facing a new challenge in which you need to use scrap tires to reduce, recycle and use tire waste as fuel in order to avoid the tires to be in landfills reducing tires disposal. We want to emphasize that the use of the tires in the industries has brought significant benefits and they produce less emissions because they are respecting the pertinent environmental regulations for each of them. Together we can make changes, using tire waste that will help society, reducing emissions and the number of tires. Also, technology of recycling tires is increasing daily and scientists are searching for new ways to recycle them and also create less harmful tires for the future.

We are glad to be part of this movement, in Globarket you will find tire derived fuel; we use whole tires and then reduce them in few inches, also to accomplish the needs of our customers we can offer them with no steel or no fiber. We want to emphasize that the use of the tires in the industries has brought significant benefits, when companies respect the pertinent environmental regulations. For more information about this service call us (001) 760 599 3841 or send an email to and we will gladly help you.


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