How to take care your plants with rubber buffing?

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Mulch is widely used in gardening to care for our flowers and plants. As we have mentioned in other posts, applying mulch, like rubber buffing, has great benefits. However, it is necessary to emphasize that there are different types of organic and inorganic mulch and each one has different benefits, ways of applying and different prices.

Using mulch or rubber buffing helps us to simplify the daily tasks of gardening, these materials help to cover the soil of the garden, help reduce the loss of water from the soil because evaporation decreases and improves absorption; they reduce the growth of the herbs, they protect the roots of the plants against extreme temperatures, besides adding color and different textures to your garden.

As we mentioned, there are two types of mulch, organic and inorganic. The organic mulch can be wood chips, bark of trees, dry grass, leaves, straw, manure, compost, among others. The benefits of using organic mulch are that this type helps enrich the soil by breaking down.

Some of the most used are wood chips and bark because of the color, it is important to mention that this type of mulch must be at least two years old. If we use freshly cut wood, the wood during the decomposition process will remove nutrients from our plants. In the case of using new wood, it must be compensated with a nitrogen fertilizer.

Organic mulch requires a lot of maintenance, and their color will last a maximum of one year. These materials will turn gray and if there is heavy rain it will discolor more quickly. When using organic mulching we will have to be aware that we will constantly have to replace it, besides that in some cases it can promote the growth of insects and it does not prevent the growth of herbs.

If you want to use organic mulch a tip is to use those that have larger pieces. For example, mulch made of bark will last longer than sawdust.

Inorganic mulch can be gravel, stones, rubber mulch and rubber buffings, volcanic rock or crushed ceramics and transparent or black plastics that cover the entire crop. The benefits of inorganic mulch are that they last longer than organic mulch.

When using stones, they should be cleaned periodically to maintain their appearance and the stones are excellent for sloping ground. The disadvantage of using stones is that in very hot places, they can overheat and burn the roots. Using rubber buffing or colorized rubber mulch has excellent benefits because it inhibits the growth of herbs, and prevents the growth of insects that often plague and kill our flowers and plants. Likewise, it does not require maintenance and the color also lasts for many years.

Unlike wood mulch, with rubber buffing or rubber mulch you only need the half needed to achieve the same objectives. In addition, wood mulch requires frequent replacement due to wear, allowing animals to grow on top, while rubber does not allow the growth of animals, it has great durability and its maintenance is minimal.

Another advantage is that the rubber mulch and buffing are able to maintain the humidity of the earth so it helps to block the evaporation of water and overheating of plants; while in cold climates it is able to maintain the temperature of the roots and thus prevent its roots from freezing and dying. Rain or irrigation passes through the rubber so you will not have any problem to maintain the health of your plants.

If you are thinking about making a decorative path with colorized rubber buffing it is an excellent option because it prevents animals or plants from growing on the way. As we already mentioned, it prevents light from reaching the ground and inhibits the growth of plants, forget about removing the weeds from the road all the time, it also retains its color and can last more than ten years, so you can forget about giving maintenance every six months. The only thing you have to think about is where you want to place the new path and what color you want it to be.

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Finalmente, y para concluir con nuestra extensa nota, recuerda que puedes combinar acolchados para plantas orgánicos e inorgánicos y proveer a tu jardín un buen aspecto y atractiva decoración, un menor mantenimiento y un gran aporte de nutrientes al suelo.

¿Y tú, acostumbras a colocar mulching en tu jardín?¿Cuál prefieres, el acolchado para plantas orgánico o inorgánico?¿Qué materiales has utilizado? Deja tus comentarios y no olvides compartir el artículo en tus redes sociales para ayudar a otros amantes de la jardinería. Gracias y hasta la próxima!


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