How to take care of the tires?

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Changing the tires of a car is always an expense that should be considered; however, it is important to consider some recommendations to take care of the tires and at the time of buying new tires or if you want to use tires for sale you should analyze some details to buy the best option. Our company is dedicated to recycling tires, we receive many tires and we convert them into hundreds of useful products for society. Among the thousands of tires we receive, some continue in good condition so we use them as used tires for sale.

It is advisable to inspect the tires at least once a month to make sure they are in good condition.  In addition, it is very important to carry out inspections whenever you are going out on a long trip to ensure the trip is safe and to avoid accidents. Tire inspections are used to ensure that the wear is not excessive, there is irregularity in the tires such as damage, scrapes or low inflation. If the tires have problems and continue to lose pressure during travel, they should be checked by a tire expert to make sure they do not have a clove or a rip.

In the tread there will be several grooves that serve to have better traction; a way to know if it is time to change them is to place a coin with the face of Lincoln up and facing you. If at that moment you can see the whole head it is time to change the tires to avoid any problems during the trip.

It is very important to always check the pressure level of the tires because if the inflation is low cause that the wear is higher because it causes an excess of heat which reduces the resistance of the tires. By having the right pressure the tires increase their resistance, increasing the durability in travel and also helps reduce fuel consumption. Also, inflating it in excess increases tire wear, in addition to running the risk that with the increase of heat the tires explode.

The protuberances are very dangerous if they are not taken seriously because leaving them can cause accidents since the tires can explode in middle of the trip. This can happen at the least expected time and cause big problems; it is not necessary to go at great speeds so that the protuberances explode. If you live in a place where it is very hot it is more likely that these bumps come out when crossing a pothole at high speeds. Normally, bumps are more common on the front wheels, but they can also affect the rear tires.

The alignment is extremely important because having the tires can wear them prematurely at the edges. If at the moment of driving you notice that a tire begins to lose air and when you fill it in a short time you lose pressure again it is time to check it immediately to avoid an accident. On the other hand, if the tire has a perforation, it is necessary to take it to an expert in order to help you adequately and repair the perforations, prevent further tire damage and maintain the recommended pressure levels.

Sometimes, the tires have no repair and should be replaced by new ones or go to look for used tires for sale and you will know if you notice that there is a protuberance in the tires since these are irreparable, if a tire is deflated because it exploded will not work either, or if it has cuts, considerable damage or the tread is very smooth do not try to repair it. In the case that the tire is deflated while driving, the first thing you should do is check if you can see a screw, clove or other damage in the tire so you know where the air leakage comes from.

On the other hand, if at the time of reviewing it you do not find a visible place where the leak comes from, it could be a little more complicated to locate it, but not impossible. You have to use an atomizer or water with liquid soap; by inflating the tire and spraying it with this solution you will notice that bubbles come out just where the perforation is and so an expert in the tires can patch the tire; although it could be probable (depending on the perforation) that it is not recommended to patch the tire.

That is why it is always recommended to have the air in the levels recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and it appears on the rim and on the vehicle door; by maintaining the proper tire pressure, it extends the life of the tire. This is the main reason why the tires are discarded faster than normal because it can cause cracks because it increases the rigidity which can affect driving and generate an increase in the temperature of the tires.

In case you are stuck in ice, snow, sand or mud it is recommended not to turn the tires too much to avoid further wear, you can try a swinging movement back and forth to free yourself. Another tip is not to mix rims of different sizes and types on the same axle so that it is an optimal handling and that the tires wear evenly, preventing one from being worn more than another.

It is important to verify that the tires are adequate for the load capacity; since depending on the level of load is the type of tires that must be purchased and used. Before replacing the tires by used tires for sale it is important to verify that the tires are in good condition, if you are looking for used tires for sale, Globarket is the best option to find them.


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