How to fight against climate change?

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As we have mentioned in other posts, climate change is a reality and we must begin to carry out different actions to stop it; otherwise, we will all suffer the consequences that our habits will generate in the future.

Sometimes, we can come to think that we are just one person and that what we do will not be important or will not represent anything compared to the huge factories and the rest of the world’s inhabitants. We can even think, “One more does not make any difference”. But, if we analyze the impact that each one of the people would have, they will begin to make small changes in their lives, and all of them would be a representative change that could help us to reduce climate change and its consequences.

Some of the actions that we can at home are: replace light bulbs with savers. This will help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is released; reduce the expenses on electricity, as well as the amount of energy it requires for its operation. Simply, count how many lights you have at home you could see that those 15 or 30 lights would represent a great relief for the planet.

Another action we can take is to turn off the television, computer or other electrical appliances that are not in use. For example, if we leave the television or computer on standby, they will be generating a large amount of CO2 during the hours that are not in use; if you leave any electrical appliance such as a toaster, microwave, blender or others, they will be using electricity even when you are not using them; so the amount of energy you use increases. For this reason, we recommend that when you do not use an electrical device, you disconnect it, as well as chargers of computers, tablets or cell phones, this way you will be saving energy and emitting less CO2.

One of the most effective ways to help is to recycle. By recycling we can reduce CO2, in addition to making more use of the products and using them for different purposes. In the event that we bring the products that can be recycled to a place intended for it, we can be sure that these products will serve as raw material and help to reduce CO2 emissions from factories, as well as saving fossil or natural resources that are used in the process.

One of the biggest polluters today is the automobile, from the amounts of CO2 generated in large cities by traffic to the disposal of tires. In order to function, cars burn fuel that generates CO2, besides caring for tires can help reduce this pollutant. For this you must check the pressure and make sure they are in good condition.

One of the big problems today is what to do with so many tires; at home we can recycle thousands of things, but tires can be a bit complicated to do so; however, currently there are furniture, pots, and playgrounds, among others that can give other uses to tires easily. But one big contribution you can make is to make sure that the tires you discard go to a recycling plant like Globarkettire.

In our company we use scrap tires to make hundreds of products; we crush the tires and separate their components so that our customers can give them the use they require. For example, one of the best discoveries to use these tires has been the rubberized asphalt.

The rubberized asphalt is a material that consists of regular asphalt concrete and crumb rubber, among other materials. The rubberized asphalt represents great long-term savings for the construction companies, since they do not require maintenance, they do not make puddles of water and less oil is used for their elaboration. When using the tires to produce rubberized asphalt we will also be helping the drivers, since the tires of the cars have better traction in this type of roads. In addition, avoiding a wet patch the drivers do not skid. Also the rubberized asphalt generates less friction with the rim which produces a longer life for the tire.

Each day the production and application of this product is perfected, in few years we are certain that this product will have new benefits and more people will decide for an eco-friendly construction and roads such as rubberized asphalt. At Globarket you will find products made from tires such as crumb rubber, buffings, mulch, infill material and other products of excellent quality and price to complement your terminal blend, rubberized asphalt or for gardening purposes, construction, among others.

It is time to create changes from home, saving energy, using less packaging, recycling glass, paper and cardboard and taking responsibility for the waste we generate to make an effort to recycle everything that is possible and thus help the environment. At Globarkettire we are doing our part and every day we investigate new ways so that tires can be recycled and also discovering new ways to make it more efficient and also how can be used in more products without harming the environment; that is, convert obsolete tires into useful products for society, decreasing the amount of tires wasted and reducing the risk of fires that would cause greater pollution.

This problem affects us all, so each contribution is important. Let’s generate a change together. If you have any doubt please contact us at our phone number (001) 760 599 3841, at our mail, or you can visit us at 2580 Progress St Vista California, 92081, USA. We will be very happy to help you.

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