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Recycling has become very important in recent years and every day it is more important to start recycling as much waste as we can because every day the population increases, as well as consumption and pollution. Normally, people have focused on recycling plastics; however, recycling scrap tires often goes unnoticed as we do not pay attention to how this product is recycled. Sometimes, when we have a flat tire or change the tires, we do not think about what will happen to the tires of our car.

The problem of no recycling scrap tires is that this product is highly polluting since millions of tires are thrown around the world every year (300 million in the United States), and it is almost impossible to think what to do with so many tires in landfills, rivers and at the bottom of the sea. In addition to the problem of space, discarded tires can cause major problems because they can cause fires that affect the health of plants, animals and people.

In order to disintegrate, the tires emit toxic gases for hundreds of years until they can disintegrate completely or in the event of a fire, they will carry alarming CO2 emissions, causing the greenhouse effect generated by global warming and climate change.

Recycling scrap tires guarantees that we can use the tires for other products such as shoes, bags, tarpaulins, hoses, waterproofing among thousands of other products that use rubber as a raw material.

The process for recycling scrap tires is more complicated than any other product but its use can be very varied; for example, recycled tires can be used to produce new tires, saving raw materials such as rubber, oil and steel, which generate less use of fossil materials such as oil as well as energy.

In the process of tire recycling, all its elements must be separated between rubber, steel and rope so that they do not release dangerous gases and more and better uses can be found. The tire recycling process starts from the tire collection.

When you discard a tire at the agency or at a service station, ask how the tires are recycled or what they do with the tires; this way you will have the certainty if they are recycled or not. In the case that they recycle you can leave them; but if you do not recycle them, we recommend other ways to get rid of your tires and not end up on the bottom of the sea.

In Globarkettire we have a service where you can deliver the tires in our plant with an appointment and we will receive your tires. Another service we have is tire collection in all California State; this way the tire dealers can get rid of their tires efficiently. We send trucks and professional people who are responsible for collecting tires and bring them to our facilities. When we already have the tires in our company, we divide them and analyze which ones can continue to serve as used tires and we sell them at a lower price to continue with their useful life.

In the case that the tires serve as used tires, we place them in a safe and dry place where we guarantee their quality for our consumers. Recycling scrap tires represents having great responsibility and concern for the environment since certain processes must be taken into consideration so that recycling is efficient and correct. Continuing with the process, the tires that no longer have another use and are in poor condition are crushed. There are different sizes of crushed, which will serve for different uses and we separate the rubber from the steel and from the rope.

The first thing is to use the tires as tire derived fuel, in this case you can use complete tires, with or without steel, with or without fiber to suit the needs of each of our customers. Using tires as fuel brings great benefits because they have higher calorific value, save costs and can also use all the tires. The tires are burned in sealed furnaces so the gases do not leave the environment and the factories must comply with environmental rules.

We can sell the metal in the metallurgical industry where they can create new products with this material. On the other hand, we can crush the tires and serve as derived aggregate in civil engineering projects, also have different uses in the construction industry as sound insulation; waterproofing and you can even create bricks with them.

The buffings and rubber mulch are very similar and we offer them in different colors and are used for landscaping in residentials, houses, hotels, streets and much more. Crumb rubber is painted and can be installed on playgrounds for kids, offering greater safety to children. Likewise, we also create granulate which is the base of the playground without any color, or for molded products or other applications like speed bumps. Finally, the material infill is used for the sport fields that use artificial turf and is a different process from the other granules.

Our company spends a big part of its time to make actions that helps reduce that impact to the world, such as diverting waste from the landfill to our facility and providing our customers with the best rubber products for engineering, playground and landscape applications.  For more information about our services and products, please contact us.


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