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Globarket is a company that turns waste into innovation. We are a company that is committed to the environment and carries out daily actions that help reduce the impact of pollution in the world, specifically the contamination of the tires that have grown during the last years.

At Globarket we are a company dedicated to recycle tires and the creation of various products such as rubber mulch that is very useful for landscaping and gardening. We are concerned about the environmental problems that are growing rapidly and alarmingly; all the citizens of the world are involved and we must take action to reduce pollution, managing to emit lower amounts of gases that produce the greenhouse effect such as CO2 and combat climate change.

We consider that tires cause large amounts of air pollution, waste disposal, water pollution, global warming and other environmental problems that are affecting this planet. For these reasons we want to play a big role in protecting the environment. That is why we are concerned about investigating environmental problems and innovating ways to recycle tires and thus contribute something to society, diminishing the environmental problems as well as raising awareness about the environmental problems we are experiencing and various ways to combat them, but In order to share and create solutions, it is necessary to know the problem and the scope that it could have.

One issue that has begun to take relevance in recent years is the melting of glaciers. Glaciers are large masses of snow and crystallized ice together with very large pieces of rock. The glaciers were formed over the years when the annual snowfalls in a region exceed what melts in summer so that each year they continued to grow to form the great glaciers we know.

Most of the glaciers are in Greenland and in Antarctica. There are many types of glaciers, of all sizes, from the size of a large mountain or really small because when they melt can form small icebergs. All glaciers on the planet have decreased in size since the mid-nineteenth century, which was the time when the small ice age ended (a cold period that began in the 16th century).

Icebergs can melt, evaporate or form icebergs. Glaciers were formed in the last ice age. During many years the glaciers can be able to move, flowing slowly like rivers, creating several formations and changing the natural landscape through the years. Also when they start melting during the summer they provide water to surrounding populations and animals.

Currently, icebergs form 10 percent of the total land area. The icebergs serve as indicators that help us verify that there are no variations in the temperature of the planet because when studying them you can obtain an average measurement of the global temperature. For this reason, small icebergs are tracked for a few years to know their variations and determine future climate trends.

Glaciers are important because they represent the largest reserve of fresh water the planet has. In addition, if the glaciers melted, sea level would increase more than 197 feet and cause negative effects for several cities, especially the coastal ones because many of them would be in danger of disappearing.

Some of the reasons why we must take care of the Arctic and glaciers are that they influence the oceanic currents of the planet, it works to cool the Earth, protect the nearby coasts. On the other hand, the melting of glaciers would cause the release of methane because the warming would cause the thawing of frozen soils containing large amounts of organic carbon that come from accumulated plant remains which would cause the release of carbon in the form of CO2 which would cause greater emissions in the environment.

In addition, Arctic ice is able to reflect sunlight back into space, sea ice is crucial to regulate global climate, reflecting solar radiation and the dark color of the sea absorbs solar energy; that´s why thawing aggravate global warming. The moment that glaciers melt, less energy is reflected into the space and the ocean absorbs more heat, which increases global warming and, as a consequence, the melting of the glaciers increases. This alone was one reason why the founders of Globarket decided to create recycled products for tires; by using recycled products we are able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and therefore reduce the melting of glaciers and global overheating.

Some of our products are: derived fuel, aggregate derivate, colorized buffings, colorized rubber mulch, colorized crumb rubber, granulate and infill material. Another of our products that we have produced and have been very successful is raw mulch which we can also paint in different colors and is used for landscaping to improve gardens in houses, hotels and much more, even in your neighborhood you can see this kind of material in the vegetation of the sidewalks. By purchasing rubber mulch, you will support to our recycling movement where we try to prevent millions of tires from ending up breaking down in the oceans, rivers and cities; preventing glaciers from thawing and increasing sea level.

We invite you to save our planet and know more about our products like rubber mulch and our services like tire recycling and used tires for sale, also we have services like tire collection in California State. For more information about any of our services call us (001) 760 599 3841 or send an email to and we will gladly help you.


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