Effects of pollution on humans

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Pollution is increasing in an amazing rate and the effects of contamination are numerous and serious. Sometimes people minimize the risks and the magnitude of the contamination. However, if we want to survive it is necessary to take action and begin to take care of the environment to protect the life of nature, plants, animals and even ours and one way to start a change is recycling of tires in California.

Currently, we know many of the risks of pollution such as global warming and climate change. Sometimes, it does not have the importance that it should, although today we are already seeing the changes that are beginning to happen, such as the melting of glaciers, places with extreme droughts, floods, hurricanes that have hit the coasts of our country with enormous force or as the meteorological bomb that we are living in a large part of the country that is an explosive winter storm that is causing great problems on the east side of the United States, states like Florida have snow (something that had not happened more than 30 years ago) and is due to a severe drop in atmospheric pressure. These changes produce economic losses and also affect a large number of plants, animals and people.

Some of the other problems that are being experienced in many areas of the world by climate change are that many animals struggle to survive by droughts in many areas and many others suffer from changes in their ecosystem causing the death and extinction of some animals.

Pollution directly affects the health of people and animals, affecting the organism and its functioning. Pollution has caused many respiratory problems such as asthma, as well as other diseases such as cancer and gastrointestinal diseases. With pollution, animals also suffer consequences, which can affect the ecosystem in which they live and the food chain. Remember that each animal has a purpose in life and losing them would mean losing the natural balance. For example, if the bees became extinct there would be no pollination and life on Earth could be extinguished. So, however small an animal or insect may seem, its extinction can bring great and serious consequences to the natural world.

Pollution spreads in air, water and land, affecting animals and plants; sometimes we think that this is very far away and that it has nothing to do with us. But we would be wrong because people feed on these fruits, vegetables and animals, so by contaminating them, human beings also suffer the consequences of pollution affecting our quality of life. Around the world there are a great number of tires thrown in the sea, landfills and forgotten in the roads and fields. The problem with tires is that they are millions and increasingly invade our planet.

The tires that are in the sea contaminate the seabed and the water, affecting a large number of fish, corals and marine plants, which causes large marine areas to be contaminated by the degradation of tires and plastics. When the fish eat these foods or eat other animals, the chain increases and their content of plumb, zinc, arsenic or any other contaminant grows in a chain until it reaches us.

The tires in landfills on land or forgotten in the roads, emit gases to the atmosphere and in the subsoil contaminating it. In addition, they promote the proliferation of insects, rats and other animals that cause damage to health. Also, there is a risk that they are burned causing more pollution to the atmosphere, and the air we breathe causing damage to the health of all living beings that are in the region.

It is time to start analyzing about the resources we consume and how we can help nature to protect it. The exhaustion of forests, tree felling, pollution of rivers and sea is causing diseases to millions of people as well as animals and plants. The depletion of resources is happening rapidly and due to the increase in population, the consumption of a large quantity of goods and services has grown, which means that we are increasingly generating more CO2.

There are entire cities where people need to use air filters in their homes and avoid diseases in the lungs and heart, there are also regions where fetuses have suffered problems in their development due to pollution. Technological advances have caused a lot of pollution, but also thanks to technology we can begin to reduce our carbon footprint and create products that are more environmentally friendly or carry out recycling campaigns such as recycling of tires in California.

Some of the benefits of recycling of tires in California are that it saves spaces in landfills, prevents the spread of diseases as well as the proliferation of mosquitoes and rodents. In addition, it helps to reduce the number of toxic emissions in the environment, reduces the number of tires thrown on streets and roads, and prevents them from being burned outdoors. recycling of tires in California is more complex than other items. However, we can reuse them in thousands of ways. Some of the uses that can be given to recycled tires are to create new tires, roads, shoes, playgrounds, and so on.

We invite you to join this great movement of recycling and care for the environment and most importantly to be part of the change in a new world. We invite you to browse our page and know all our products.


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