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What is an eco-urban movement? We know that it may sound that cities and ecology do not get along very well; however, the intention we have is to create harmony between the two of them. This means, to carry out actions in the city that are ecological, helping nature.

In our company we have several services such as tire pick up services in california, which is a service focused on tire dealers so they can get rid of tires quickly and efficiently. Our company has trucks, trailers and people that will deliver the tire pick up services in California. The purpose is to go and pick up scrap tires from any tire dealer. The tire collection we offer is in all the California state.

This service is part of an eco-urban movement, because we want to collect people’s tires so that they do not end up in the streets, on the border or thrown into the sea. In addition, from the tire pick up services in california we also offer the tire collection in which people can make an appointment and leave the tires in our facilities. In this way, they will be contributing to recycling this great pollutant.

Tires can be recycled in thousands of ways. We can find them on the playgrounds floors, which besides looking good also contribute to increase the safety of children, with them we can build roads using rubberized asphalt that helps to increase the safety of drivers since its properties help improve the traction of the car and avoids puddles.

We can find them in buildings such as insulators, bricks and even waterproofing. This is how we can start with this movement, creating buildings with recyclable materials, reducing raw materials and costs, creating roads, gardens, using aggregate material, among others that will allow sustainable construction.

It is time to begin to change our way of thinking and begin to be more creative and use materials such as tires in various products that are useful for society and thus reduce the impact on nature, building sustainable and ecological cities. We can start from the design of the building where the sunlight is used, that is, that there are lights that allow the house to be illuminated during the day and thus avoid turning on many lights and saving energy, using solar panels to reduce our consumption of energy and use the sun.

Recycling the water from the sinks and the shower can save water to irrigate gardens, any action that we do will help us all to reduce the social impact and to diminish the global warming. In addition, another great option is to plant trees or if you do not have space, a pot with a plant could help. The trees in the cities give us the opportunity to enjoy their shade, they make the landscape more beautiful and the main thing is that they help to recycle the CO2 we produce, which helps to reduce environmental pollution and they are essential for the survival of lots of species.
Although it seems irrelevant, trees in cities play a big role. Because in addition of producing oxygen and recycling CO2, the trees help regulate the temperature, they give us relief in times of heat and in winter they help to moderate the effects of the cold, they help to maintain the ecosystems since in them we can find hundreds of animals and their fruits or seeds keeps them alive, finally they also help to prevent soil erosion.

Trees are an essential part of nature and our obligation is to take care of them, so if we protect trees, giving them an important place in cities and we also create sustainable constructions and recycle plastics and tires we can make a change.

As we already mentioned, tires can be transformed into hundreds of products, but we can also see them in the form of shoes, bags, tarpaulins and, in recent years, recycling tires become more relevant, so you only need to let your imagination loose and use them to create a bed for your pet, a table for the living room, lamps, flower pots, a frame for a mirror, swings, sandboxes, playgrounds, art, trash cans and more. All you have to do is let your imagination free and you can find many uses, just look at Pinterest and thousands of ideas will come to mind

The world is going through a difficult time and it is our responsibility to take actions to survive, especially in the big cities where there is more pollution, trying to recycle as many products as possible and so we can create an eco-urban movement where all the people in the city are committed to contribute something to improve the current situation of the environment, it is not the responsibility of a few, the responsibility belongs to everyone because everyone in the world will suffer the consequences if we do not do something.

We are stablished in San Diego, California and attend all California State, but our vision goes further. In the future we want to be national leaders in recycling rubber products. Globarkettire offers tire pick up services in california to tire dealers; this service is of excellent quality and reasonable price, since you can get rid of your tire waste quickly and efficiently with the certainty that our trucks and staff will do all the work. Please contact us for more information about this service, you can call us (001) 760 599 3841 or send an email to



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