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As we all know, playgrounds are recreational facilities that are located outside; offering children the opportunity to play outdoors, exercise and increase their social skills by meeting new children. Attending parks is part of the education and growth of children; for this reason we must take care of the materials of the installations and analyze if they are made of crumb rubber, cement or concrete, all this to reduce accidents.

Every year, thousands of children are treated in the emergency room for injuries that have occurred in playgrounds and thousands of these injuries could have been avoided if there had been adequate supervision or more child-friendly facilities such as crumb rubber. In addition to the playgrounds, this material can be used in the playgrounds that people may have at home because they provide great comfort and safety for children.

For a playground to be safe it must be designed in a way that adults can see the children clearly while they play, because accidents can happen in the hidden parts of the games. It is well known that children always want to challenge themselves and see how much they can do. For example, jump farther, climb higher, among others so it becomes of great importance to review the materials and the surface of the games to avoid serious injuries.

For a playground to be safe, the surfaces, structure and disposition of different elements must be considered, as well as inspections and maintenance to verify that everything functions correctly. One of the most important factors that serve to reduce the severity of accidents that arise when children go to the playground is the surface of the ground. The importance of the floor is that it must be resistant and smooth at the same time so that it can cushion the fall of a child without suffering serious injuries. That´s why we want to share with you some of the most common surfaces in the parks and their benefits and disadvantages.

When you see a pavement or concrete playground, although it is cheaper for the construction of the park, but the disadvantage is that is very dangerous for children. If a child suffers a fall from the top of a slide it is very likely that he will suffer a serious injury due to height. These types of materials are not capable of cushioning falls, causing injuries to be more serious.

There are also playgrounds of land or grass; being natural elements can be more economical. However, in these types of parks there may be stagnant water, rocks, roots or some other material that is not able to cushion the blows of children, as well as a danger if children start to throw rocks or fall on one. Also, in this type of parks it is more common to find dangerous materials such as fragments of glass that are hidden in the ground and are not able to see quickly.

In addition, there are playgrounds where the surface is made of materials such as wood, rind, straw, sand or gravel. Some of these materials must receive special treatment so that they are not dangerous or harmful to children. In the case of gravel, it can produce many scratches and does not diminish the blows; the sand can produce allergies besides keeping materials such as glasses or bottles that cannot be seen with the naked eye, as well as animals. In the case of wood and bark need a lot of maintenance due to the daily wear, so it will be a constant task to perform the maintenance and being pieces of wood or rind there may be the risk that a child may ingest them.

The surface of the floor is recommended to be of soft materials such as crumb rubber, this type of materials allow the playground of people with disabilities, in addition to the material allows to create different figures or games using different colors on the floor. On the other hand the crumb rubber is able to cushion the blows of the children, and it is safe because there are no animals, nor does it produce stagnant water and if something like a glass bottle is there it can be clearly seen and cleaned. Another benefit of crumb rubber is that it has a long life, so buying it can last longer than 15 years, unlike materials such as wood that require maintenance and changes at least every year.

If you are contemplating building a playground the crumb rubber surface should extend 6 feet beyond the game facilities, these measurements may vary depending on the height and extent of the slide as well as the swings. It is important to mention that if the height of the games exceeds 12 feet will increase the risk of a serious accident because the cushion effect is reduced.

Because of the great benefits of crumb rubber in playgrounds it has begun to displace other materials due to its safety and durability. Among the main advantages is that they are safer, cheaper, durable, ecological, no need for maintenance, does not produce stagnant water, no splinter to children, retains its color, does not stain clothes, allows quick cleaning and also allows recycling of millions of tires that end in stockpiles extending the life of tires and of course reducing pollution.

In Globarkettire we offer you crumb rubber of great quality and different colors so that you can create the ideal playground that is safe and functional.


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