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At Globarket we are concerned about the causes and consequences that could occur due to climate change; that is why we work daily on the innovation of products such as mulch or buffings made from tires. Every day there are more recycled products to which we have found more benefits and we avoid that millions of tires contribute to promoting climate change.

There is a lot of talk about climate change and that we should avoid it, but normally it is not clear what the consequences would be if we do not listen to the recommendations to reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Climate change affects all continents; it is not that it affects isolated regions, all the people in the world will be living the consequences of not having listened to the recommendations.

Depending on the region in which you live will be the phenomenon that is lived in the region. In some regions they could be extreme droughts and in other extreme floods; and every day the problems will intensify. Extreme changes in climate will be experienced differently, depending on the hemisphere of the planet; in some regions the summers are hotter and in other hemispheres the winters are colder.

At the moment, very strong rains have already begun to live like typhoons, hurricanes, electrical storms and their frequency has increased considerably from the last years. The hurricanes already lived are only the beginning of what will be climate change. If this process continues in the coming decades, life will be significantly transformed, many species will be extinct or in danger of extinction, thousands of people will be forced to leave their homes, the migratory routes of animals will be modified and we will be beginning to live a period of adaptation climatic where many people, plants and animals will not survive.

With climate change and due to global warming the glaciers melt which would increase the sea levels causing many coastal cities are in danger of disappearing and being under the waters of the ocean. An example would be the Maldives. Likewise, as the glaciers melt, the marine soil containing organisms that will cause more carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere.

When the ice melts, the reserves of fresh water that we have in the planet are lost and the ocean waters become acidic because the ocean absorbs CO2. In addition, marine ecosystems such as corals, fishes and other marine mammals will be affected by the change of the levels of acidity of the ocean.

Weather conditions change and very strong rains begin to occur in some regions, water quality decreases and in some regions water becomes scarce. In addition, the danger is that in some regions people are dying due to high or low temperatures, as well as floods that are happening in many coastal cities.

This climate change is producing changes in ocean currents, larger storms, fires, droughts and extinction of some species that have not been able to adapt to the new conditions of life. Climate change is happening more and more rapidly because the human population continues to grow so that every day we pollute nature more because the industry grows to supply people, we produce more waste and we have not been able to recycle waste efficiently.

Globarket is a company established in San Diego that recognized the need for a waste tire recycling facility in the county of California, we specialize in recycling car and truck tires of all sizes, and however we also serve other industries. We provide excellent service and quality products made from recycled tires. We spend a big part of its time thinking and making actions that can help reduce that impact to the world, such as diverting waste tires from the landfill to our facility.

We as a socially responsible company are concerned about air pollution, waste disposal, water pollution, global warming and climate change that are affecting this planet and a way to remedy it is through recycling tires and our contribution is through one of our star products: mulch.

One of their main functions of mulch is to help retain the heat of the soil allowing a successful crop to stimulate rapid growth by protecting the harvest as it offers a physical barrier between plants and land offering great benefits. Depending on the season, this product has different effects on the soil: it can stabilize the temperature, reduce evaporation (maintains soil moisture) and serves to control pests by preventing unwanted herbs from growing, as well as animals or insects. Mulch does not harm the health of your plants, pets or children so it is highly recommended for gardens, hotels and recreation areas. In addition to its benefits, you can create thousands of landscapes designs to boost the appeal of your home or business

Tires waste is a real problem that is affecting our environment and contributing to climate change. Its manufacturing and mass wastes are turning this problem into one that must be addressed urgently, because millions of tires are found at the bottom of the oceans, in giant landfills and the worst thing is that in several landfills they have burned causing more pollution. Also, the tires that are under the oceans continue to pollute the water, affecting marine species and ecosystems.

We invite you to know our products and contribute to stop the climate change; you can browse our page to learn about our services. Contact us at our email or on our phones, we will be happy to help you.


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