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Pollution has brought great problems to nature; hundreds of years ago it was thought that nature could withstand everything, that waste and garbage were reduced compared to the size of the Earth. However, every year the population grows, demand for consumption, production and therefore also increases pollution considerably.

For several years, reports have been published about the future of the climate and the planet; these reports are based on scientific research that makes projections to future years taking into consideration various trends. Preventing the climate change from becoming a threat to humanity is an objective that all people must keep in mind and take action to prevent the temperature from rising. We can start with small actions such as using less paper at home, not wrapping gifts, using biodegradable products, composting at home, taking cardboard, paper and glass to recycling centers, among others

However, one of the sectors that produce a lot of pollution and that sometimes goes unnoticed is the energy industry. Using the microwave, refrigerated, television, as well as electronic tablets and even cell phones are responsible for the fact that humanity requires more energy to survive. Unfortunately, we cannot stop technology and prevent thousands of jobs depend on electricity and energy, but we can create other small changes such as disconnect the devices that we are not using and monitor that the lights that are lit are the ones we are using; this in addition to reducing our electricity bill will also reduce polluting emissions to Earth.

The energy sector is responsible for approximately 80% of global emissions and it is estimated that by the year 2020 these emissions will reach their highest point and then be reduced; this can only happen if we continue with the actions established to reduce emissions; otherwise it will grow exponentially. One way to help the energy industry create energy without polluting more and avoiding the use of non-renewable resources such as oil, coal and wood is to use tire derived fuel.

The tire derived fuel is a fuel made from scrap tires, so we use garbage to produce energy and save other resources; likewise, using tire derived fuel produces savings in the industries since it has great calorific power reducing the quantity that must be burned; also, it costs less to obtain tires as fuel than to obtain coal, so the company would also have more savings on this issue.

The energy industry needs to generate a lot of energy to guarantee energy in different cities and ensure that the population will have what it needs to live and work. For this reason, they work day and night, every day of the year, which produces a great emission of CO2 in the world.

By working to obtain savings from the energy industry we can generate large savings to reduce the emissions they generate; the first option is to work with the energy plants that already exist and to start using tire derived fuel. This option can be very beneficial for the environment since it would save fossil materials and at the same time it would be recycling one of the biggest pollutants on the planet that are the tires. This way, we would be avoiding that millions of tires end up filling infinite landfills and the bottom of the sea, changing the landscape and ecosystem of our planet

To avoid the extinction of thousands of species it is necessary to start taking actions and thus generate a significant change; climate change is a reality and the longer we take to start saving energy, recycling tires and other products, it will be more difficult to save nature.

Climate change will affect all species since the increase in temperature will be responsible for the extinction of one of every six species during this century so this will undoubtedly generate changes in the food chain. Also, climate change will cause sea level rise which will make several regions disappear; and there will be extreme temperatures on the planet.

This may seem very vague, but we must consider that if the temperature increases also several foods cannot be properly cultivated and many species of plants and fruits will also disappear or production will be reduced, causing lack of food worldwide. In some countries there will be more consequences and life will be even more difficult than it is now.

It is time to start taking action to slow down climate change and reduce our emissions; this is a great challenge as the world population continues to grow, which causes more consumption, more waste and the need to create more energy. Also, the conditions in which large cities are located around the world where pollution is so strong that it is already present as a kind of fog in the city, causing illnesses to people and causing the need to place air filters in homes to take care of health.

In addition, the large amount of waste in rivers and seas is causing pollution of the subsoil and there are places where rivers seem like garbage, water cannot be used and people must live in a constant struggle to survive around so much garbage. We must become aware and do something about it, and a first big step is to recycle your waste and the tires that you no longer use.

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