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All people have heard at some point say something about climate change and the consequences this could have. Currently, human beings perform countless of activities that pollute our planet, sometimes we are not aware of this situation; however, every day we emit more greenhouse gases that are slowly creating a death sentence for humanity.

One of the activities began with the industrial era, this spectacular growth of factories, products, goods and services caused that since the 1800s began to emit gases in alarming quantities without keeping records of anything. Over the years they began to see the damage to rivers, land and even ecosystems.

The factories and the energy they need to survive were produced with fossil fuels such as coal, oil, wood or natural gas and this fuel combustion is the one that produces the greatest amount of CO2 at present and they are in charge of providing the necessary energy to produce electricity, operate cars and in general to facilitate life and continue with the lifestyle we have today.

In addition, the extraction, processing, transport and distribution of these fossil fuels also generate a large amount of pollution since gases can be released from the extraction, accidents that contaminate more and for the distribution, it is necessary to burn fossil fuels to operate the ships, airplanes or trucks.

Cutting down the trees is also causing great pollution as trees are able to “recycle” CO2 through photosynthesis. For this reason it is advisable to plant a tree per person and take care of it, so we will be helping the planet. In addition, burning all these trees or letting them die emit greater amounts of CO2, as well as changes in ecosystems.

All living beings produce methane. This means that cows, goats, pigs, horses, among other animals that are bred generate a large amount of methane. Also, the more the population grows, the more is the emission of methane into the environment. In addition, as the population grows, waste and also increase more pollution and the growth of landfills.

As the population increases, so does the need for more food, and in many cases organic or mineral fertilizers are used to accelerate natural processes, prevent pests and guarantee the supply of food worldwide. As well as caring for livestock to produce milk, cheeses and other animal products and some cultivations, like rice also generates methane. The cultivation of rice is done in flooded or irrigated fields for most of the harvest season, so the microorganisms decompose the organic matter and produce methane.

The problem is that several of these activities do not depend on a person or a family; it is the global lifestyle in which we have to work, involving companies, organizations and families to create and carry out actions to reduce pollution. Currently, we are beginning to face the consequences of climate change such as droughts, floods, extreme temperatures (high or low) in different cities; ecosystems have begun to change, due to the exploitation of natural resources and the expansion of the population.

The meteorological changes are causing the seasons to change, so that farming families cannot produce what is necessary to survive, food prices increase, quality deteriorates and in some years we will begin to see the extinction of some fruits and vegetables due to the change in temperature. High temperatures, heavy rains or droughts cause pests on the plantations or death due to the extreme conditions they face. The loss of crops and jobs means that people face enormous difficulties in feeding their families.

To be able to stop what is coming as a great economic and social problem is to begin to take actions that stop climate change. We must begin to reduce emissions at home and in factories, reduce the emissions generated by cars, use other sources of energy and, above all, make each person responsible for nature and take action to take care of it.

Globarkettire is a socially responsible company and we work to recycle the largest number of tires and create new products. In this way, we avoid that billions of tires are forgotten in landfills, with the risk of burning and spending hundreds of years disintegrating.

One of our products is rubber mulch. On many occasions people said that rubber is ideal for gardening projects; However, sometimes it is not clear to us what are the uses of rubber, what are its benefits and details that we must consider that this material can work perfectly.

Some of the benefits of colorized rubber mulch in gardening are that they provide color, beauty and sustainability at the same time. Placing this type of material allows us to have a wide range of options from which to choose to create wonderful landscapes in the gardens or even landscaping. This material can also be used for the vegetation of the sidewalks making the city look nice.

Another advantage is that the rubber mulch is able to maintain the humidity of the earth so it helps to block the evaporation of water and overheating of plants; while in cold climates it is able to maintain the temperature of the roots and thus prevent its roots from freezing and dying. Rain or irrigation passes through the rubber so you will not have any problem to maintain the health of your plants.

In Globarkettire we are part of the change, we invite you to join this great movement, browse our page, know more about our products and if you have any questions about any of the products please contact us.

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